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“Everyone is not as follows like I am in college,” Murray said. “I have been here for two months, so I still need to contact. But I am ready to face an undugered performance, but I am very good for me. Everyone is very acceptable, I can’t wait to want to want Welcome to the new season. “

“There is no problem with the groin, the knees are very good, I am very healthy.” Hayden said, “I can participate in the complete sniper training, the training method of the past two years and the difference I want. I will go all out this year. Upper and previous methods. “

Earlier this month, Mostatt’s broker was exposed to 49 people on the monthly communication of the contract, so requested to be traded. Mostart hopes to promote salary to Thai Coleman, the highest ranger guard, equivalent. Coleman’s 2020 final salary is 4.55 million US dollars, and Mostart’s contract is two years, 2020 will be 2.57 million US dollars.

The first week of the game, the Pony Hilton is the main offensive weapon of Pony. He completes 7 batches to advance 88 yards. This season is very important for Hilton, because he has entered the last year of the contract, and people want him to become a member of the top of the league.

Patriots Offense Coordinator Josh McDaniel, announced the resort

Beijing January 9th, the Patriot Attack Coordinator Josh McDaniels, in the last week and the Green Bay packaging worked on the main coach, the latter announced the employment of Titan Attack Coordinator Matter yesterday. – Lafleur is the team coach.

However, there is no training that wear armor should be a place where Murray is playing. Next, when the players began wearing armor in the training camp, it was a more important stage when it was allowed to hit and prepared for the preseason.

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Shanahan has six years to turn over the leadership of 49 people. Previously he has coached a number of successful quarterback out, there is no need for him to do in the future stakes gamble to get Cousins.

Pony hopes that T. Y Hilton can participate in the second week.

In the first week of the Indianapolis Pony, in the game, the small horses took over T. Y Hilton knee injured. I don’t know if I can play the New York jet in the next week.

Squad quadrota Wei Murray: Time and teammates still need to cultivate tacit understanding

Beijing June 27th, the Si Duanwu Keller-Murray, Kyler Murray, Kliff Kritbury, Keliff Kingbury, By, but he understood that the team should reach Many efforts are needed in tacit.

“I am very grateful to the package to give me this opportunity. This interview experience will make you clearer to see how other teams are managed. This is a profit of learning experience. Now I only forward Look, put all the efforts on the next lightning game. “

Steel people 卫 卫 – Hayden will go all out to train

Last season, Joe Haden’s arrival is one of the biggest accidents of steel people. He used to be a hornwood in the same partner Brown, but due to injuries and salary issues, Brown chose to cut him.

According to ESPN messages, McDaniel has had a chance to come to Cincinnati, but he is refused by him. He promised to take over the Indianapolis horses last year, but after the patriot super bowl lost, he chose to stay for one year. When the reporter asked whether the matter affects his current candidate qualification, he replied: “I don’t know, you have to ask them, I am very grateful to my own opportunity, of course, I have existing my own The opportunity is more cherished. I have said before, I think I have the best work in the world. I cherish this week to continue to play with lightning. & Quot;

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McDaniel is asked if the reporter was asked if he would continue to interview other coach positions: “This matter has passed, it is always a chance to interview with any team. People feel the humble experience. “

49ers coach Shanahan: Be patient team at the quarterback position

After obtaining the authority in charge of the team, the San Francisco 49ers new coach Kyle – Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) looks every quarterback own coached together.

Hayden is 29 years old, is a tail number of career golden period. He used to be the top ten guards in the Alliance, but the injury hindered its development. In the 2017 season, he played 11 games, completed 1 copy and 7 times destroyed passed. In the last year of Brown, he played 13 games and completed 11 times to destroy the ball, 3 copies.

Shanahan also said he and general manager John – Lynch (John Lynch) will be considered by the transaction, the introduction of free agency and the draft way to rebuild the team, but he also understood that even if there is a good quarterback who has not 49 ready to compete division title.

He also said: “You do not want to gamble you want to have the initiative in every aspect, but you have to do the right thing you have to use the right way to build the team, Www.Radiant-Ro.Com this is what I call patience…”

Perhaps the most widely circulated argument is that Shanahan will work hard to chase quarterbacks Kirk – Cousins ​​(Kirk Cousins), even if the Washington Redskins let Cousins ​​become a franchise tag player, which means that 49 people have to pay two first-round draft picks.

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