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Although known for guarding against Texans array there McKinney, Kelao Ni, Cunningham and other defensive midfielder, but the pass rush suddenly lost two players for the Texans defense, it is still a significant loss . Last season, after the Watts race report, Kelao Ni and Mosey Naples stand up, hold up the team’s defensive pass rush. This season, Kelao Ni Ke Laoni or that powerful, but Watts and Mosey Naples will miss the rest of the game. Next, who will take their place?

The new showline guard of San Diego lightning is absent this week’s training camp, because his feet have always spent a problem, but do you know what he did? He went to participate in the charity activities held by the teammates, played with the children to avoid the ball, which can be hidden for your feet.

Tom Braddy said it still does not consider retirement

Tom Brady Sunday uses 4 pass to Deta, 37 passed the performance to make yourself won the 4th Super Bowl Champion Ring and the 3rd Super Bowl’s most valuable player, which let him Become the greatest quarterfall the alliance history.

Last season Brines was banned 2 times, medivades due to violations of alliance stimulants (4 games) and drug abuse regulations (3 games). He will now absent the first four games in the new season. He will be able to have a qualified return after the Lion on October 1.

Breddy may not have a performance of 7 years or 8 years ago, but there is no doubt that he is still one of the best five quarters of NFL every year. Sunday he proves that he can still be able to face the league number one defensive group. Have a good pass accuracy.

NFL schedule planning and competition system introduction

The NFL regular season has 16 games. Many new fans are definitely confused. One two teams will not meet for a year, and some teams will not meet several seasons. What is the external card? How is the super bowl of champions born? These issues will be resolved in this article.

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The video was then played with the rehabilitation fragment in the offset period, including the scene he received in the injury. In the end, the video agreed to join the patriot to end. At the end, Newton, who was full of sweat explained his decision: “Oh, this is awesome. Now I have a lot of ideas, but I will say short: I am coming.”

According to the results of these 16 games, the final ranking of the regular season will be discharged. With the rankings of regular season, the schedule of the playoffs is preliminarily presented.

1. After the regular season, the four partition champions of the Alliance plus 2 second teams (ie foreign card team) entered the playoffs; Note: If the two teams that appear in the same partition have the same record, Sample: Mutual record – Division of the Subregion – Due to the same opponent record – Regional record – Victory containing gold – graded gold – graded and other data; Different partitions: Mutual record – Regarding the same opponent record (at least 4 Field) – Victory contains gold – schedule – to lose, net wins, wholesale Jerseys net winning archery and other data. The two or more team records are the same as according to the above two major principles.

2. First, 4 partition champions of their respective federations are arranged in the regular season record 1-4,

3. The other 2 external card team also discharged 5, 6;

4. The first two seed teratoices are waiting for the external trunk win, and then eliminate according to the winner seed ranking;

5. After the end of the outer casing, the partition semi-final;

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6. The two winners of the semi-finals enters the partition final, namely the US Union finals (NFC Championship);

7. The winner of the United States Union will start the competition of the superb bowl and finally decide the championship.

& Gt; & gt; & gt; Brandon & middot; Dunne, a second, a third, a fourth gear 11 weeks respectively Defense (17%), 13 (20%), 13 (32%) range were scored 0 , 0,2 tackles. This season, scored six total tackles, including three times against the chief’s capture hold.

1. Competition with the other three teams in the same partition, one of the main guests, a total of 6 games.

2. Competition with another partition (3 years round) designated in the same union, 2 main 2 passengers, a total of 4 games.

3. Competition with a partition (4 years round) designated within another union, 2 main 2 passengers, a total of 4 games.

4. The same team ranked by 2 in the same two partitions in the same elsegle, 1 main 1 guest, a total of 2 games.

Coach O’Brien said after the game: “Obviously, for them (Watts and Mosey Naples) injury the team felt sad that they had to end the journey of the season ahead, it’s really difficult to accept but it is. professional league, we need someone to stand up, to contribute to the rest of the game. we will not stop training and competition, on the contrary, we will be more efforts to move forward. “

“No, I still want to fight for a long time,” The 37-year-old quadruption expressed through the official website of the team. “This game is very difficult, there are many efforts to make a lot of sacrifices. For those players who have adhered and worship, the super bowl is a big challenge, and it is incredible to have a feeling of winning. I am very fortunate to have 4 opportunities to win the championship for a great team, so I am really lucky. “6 months ago

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