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Sea Eagle Players Pressure before the game: pray for the new show center for packagingGreen Bay Packaging Technology New Xiu Zhongfeng – Linsley is expected to inevitably challenge the Seattle Season Eagle in the evening of the local time. The master of the sea eagle defensive group is ready to open.

Pirates Dismount Defense Coordinator Mike SmithBeijing October 16th, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the pirates fired the defensive coordinator Mike Smith, the Mark Duffer will temporarily Star DC.

Quiin’s high order data is more excellent. His compression rate and interference rate are third high in all alliances (at least 200-speed players), with 14% and 17.2% respectively. This proves that the denim transaction gets him a correct decision, even if he only costs 14 games.

Although the offensive front line of the package will improve after that, the new Xiu Zhongfeng will have been very busy at the home of the Haiying of the noise. “They only have 4 people to play, I hope we can replay the performance of the game in 2012, but don’t have the accident that is accidental, (Note: The last moment of 2012 The sea eagle passed the preliminary transmission to the packaging industry, and the ball was actually being copied in the end of the end area but was misjudic to the sea eagle. “Owen said. “We have to hurt them this time.”

In the 12 seasons of the Nfl jerseys referee, Stratorre is known for its fair law enforcement and a conflict with players. In addition, he participated in the law enforcement of two major disputes in recent controversy.

Senior referee Jean-Stratore retired from NFLGene Steratore became the fourth place in the next day, unexpectedly announced the referee from NFL retirement. He intends to be a media NFL competition rule to explain the guests and to the final stage of the contract negotiations with the CBS stadium.

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Dalton said on Friday: “I have a lot of different offensive systems & hellip; & hellip; now I like it very much, my mission is to maintain the same attack like Dak. Dack is very good, we also I don’t want to have any level to decline when he is away. “

After Quin joined the team, the bear planned to cut off the first first round of Show Way, Wired Floyd. Since the rookie season, the Laynad monarch has never been more than 7 times. He became a free player before his fifth season.

Andy Dalton: will maintain the offense of Prescott Andy Dalton will usher in the first first start of the cowboy player, he needs to replace Dak Prescott, Dak Prescott, to maintain the team’s offensive level.

According to informed people, Braddy and Leftwich decided to comply with the maintenance of social distances, so Braddy just went to the latter to take tactical materials instead of staying in the latter. Informed people said that Lafortwich was waiting for Braddy, so this may be able to explain why Braddy did not knock at the beginning.

Prescot is currently pushing 1856 yards, ranking first in the alliance. In the game, Prescott’s right ankle fracture is required to receive surgery and reimburse it. Cowboy is scored 32.6, the ranking is third.

The head coach Dirk Koetter said: “I respect Mike-Smith’s person and his coaching ability. These decisions are very difficult, but we must ensure that the team can succeed. As I said, Any questions are the team, can not only be pushed to one person. & Hellip; & hellip; performance undulations is a group reason & hellip; & hellip; I want to work hard to Mike’s enthusiasm and every day, I hope he is smooth. “

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Breddy apologizes again and then rushed out of the house. Kremer said that he stunned for a few seconds, and strive to figure out what happened. He then also rushed out to take a photo, but Breddy has walked into the house of Laifordvich.

According to TMZ, Braddy was originally planned to visit the team offensive coordinator in Byron Leftwich. But Braddy is inadvertently not knocking on the home of Laifordvich. He only realized his mistakes until he saw the owner.

Although the race is signed Jason Pierre-Paul, etc., the second-line defense is still the criminal number of the League. The location is wrong, the communication is not smooth, and the system is chaotic.

From Ohio State University, the fifth round of this year’s draft, the fifth round of picked Linsley was started from the starting point of JC Tretter because the knee injury had to absence the beginning of the routine stage. Most of the time when the game, Linsley tried to stop the Hawks of 311 pounds (141 kg) defensive pointed Branden Mei Bin (Brandon Mebane).

Six weeks, Smith’s defensive group has obtained the following data: the number of unreslvested alliances (34.6), the average number of passed the number of passes (355.6), the field allows the proposing code number (439.8), 9 The fifth of the secondary kill alliance is the only thing is that the field allows the ball to promote the number of codes: 84.2, the fifth less of the league.

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