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In Banchi, 30-year-old Banchi received an interview: “Your efforts will have a return, you don’t know what will happen in your future, I appreciate Brown’s approach, I am very happy to continue to have a chance to stay here. “

4 Unheard Ways To attain Greater Nfl JerseysIn the pony team, Chuck Pagano and Rob Chudzinski (Rob Chudzinski) were very good. Moreover, the pony team is urgently needing a powerful running guard, and Gore can compete for all three-speed attack, which is an important reason for the three feet of Gore, Philadelphia.

Chicago bear replacement center is placed in the injury reserve list

One of the many problems that plague Chicago bears this season is that it is difficult to maintain the same offensive front line for a long time.

Black panther may cut off defensive player Charles – Johnson

The Carolina Black Panther’s 2015 season not only completed the first 15-win season and got a history of the second National Union championship for the team. The main reason for these gains is the defensive group of the dominance.

But such performance is indeed in line with the trend of the Sea Eagle Defense Group. At present, 6 wins and 2 losses have been 34 points in the 2 games lost, but the fields have to get 40.5 points. In other words, if the opponent offensive group status is hot, the offensive group is not in the best state, then the sea eagle will be defeated.

“We have to behave better, whether it is an external hand or a near-end front or running guard or offensive front line or de-Shawn faster,” O’Brien said before. “No matter what, everyone is working together. This is where all our efforts have improved, we have to improve these aspects.”

Johnson’s income in Johnson will reach 15 million US dollars, if the team will remember him only lose $ 4 million. Although Johnson proved that his high-intensity of his past few years, Since the 2010 season to the 2014 season, Johnson completed 62 killing, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys but the 29-year-old veteran is still very good to prove whether he is worth 15 million yuan. .

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According to Ian Rapoport, the Indianapolis popcrack suddenly entered the battle of Gore, the team was in touch with Gore and continued. Raiburt emphasizes that any contract is not counted in the past two free player market in the local time, as long as the player has not contracted the team, they can make changes at any time.

Sea Eagle coach Carol: dissatisfied with defensive group to get 44 points

Although the ball is not to be one of the problems that limit Buffalobier, this issue is not the final result in the game against the Seattle Hawks.

According to informed people, after trying to put power to the assistant coach at the beginning of the season, the team coach Bill O’Brien (BRIEN) will participate in the competition plan to formulate and compete tactical command. Despite the offense coordinator Tim Kelly, Tim Kelly will remain passage to the four-point guards Deson, O’Brien will actively participate in the choice of tactics, just like he planned in the game. It will also play a bigger role.

Left Diamond – Jermon Bushrod missed 2 games, left-handed Matt Slauson race reimbursement, Nfl Jerseys striker Roberto Garza missed 4 games Jordan Mills missed the past two games, making only the right strikend becomes the only full-time starting offensive front line player. I have come yet.

In this competition, Bill Si San Shush-Allen’s passed 415 yards 3 times, helped Bill to defeat the sea eagle at 44-34. His wonderful performance means the poor performance of the Habi Defense Group, which makes the Haiying coach Pitt Carroll.

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When Prescentre was defective, Brajn De La Puente, who has taken left average in the past 2 weeks, is placed in the injury reserve by the team injury. Previously, Michael OLA was previously replaced by Mirael OLA, and Mills will return to the stage of Detroit Lion on the Detroit Lion on Thursday.

Texas people coach Bill-O’Brien will more participated in the competition offensive command

After the opening of the season, the offensive group approached the level of the alliance, Houston Texas made some changes.

Dezhou people’s goal is to let Watson can find rhythm in the early days of the game, put the focus on his favorite attack, and make some changes. There may be some tactical changes in the offensive front line & mdash; & mdash; such as less arrangements close-up blocks.

Although Texas is currently poor, they have a total record of opponents in the past three weeks before the game reached 8 wins and 1 loss. No one felt panic. However, Watson’s quarter-off score is ranked 19th in all four-point guard in alliances, and Texas hopes that this change can also improve his performance.

This is the case in this game, although the offensive group plays the same is not good, but they should not be the culprit of the global. The Sea Eagle Defensive Group ranks on the number of codes and the number of counterparts in the game in the season.

Since Carol Joined the Hawk in 2010, 44 points were the maximum score of the Hawble opponent. Since 2010, Carol’s defensive group has 5 times to get at least 40 points, and the Hawks will lose in these five games.

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