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Previously, multiple NFL players were diagnosed with new coronal pneumonia. On June 20th, the player’s medical supervisor issued a statement, and it is recommended that players do not organize training to avoid players cheap jerseys from china being infected.

In an interview, Smith was specially asked to Tampa Bay Pirates, Tom Brady, and Seattle Hawks 4-point Walsell-Wilsell Wilson, the training related content published on social media. He said that the behavior of the two “is not conducive to player safety”.

Dolphin offensive front line coach is not satisfied with the status quo

On July 31, the performance of the Dolphin Attacking Front has been unfull in the past few years. In this year’s lunar season, the team offensive front line coach Jeremiah Washburn did not see any improvement signs.

[Season Hotline] Meidian partition wheel: Los Angeles lightning @ 新 英格 爱国 (Don’t walk, good welfare!)

The second battle of the partition is the first time that the patriots who are popular among Chinese fans will be unveiled in this season. Their opponents will be the second good Los Angeles lightning in the United States.

Compared to data, the two is more important in the field is the role of custom sea. Engram leads the lightning defensive group in the outer cassette to fight the chicken blood, rushing the crow seven zero eight; revealed the patriots, the four-year-old Han single look at the data has entered a career. However, if you are a lightning defensive group, really dare to see Tom – Braddy, and is Tom-Braddy in the playoff form?

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[Houston Texas People News Express] The second week of the season

On Sunday, Beijing, Beijing, the first home game in the new season, in the first home game in the new season, although it is just a trainer, but the last minute left the last minute, it is still unpredictable. Winning. Finally, the patriot is a dramatic drop, Texas people use their best way to hold a leading advantage in the red area, winning in 27-23. In this game, Texas people have excellent players in both ends of the attack and defense.

As for his future Tanneixier is a bit complicated. Front knee cruciate ligament tear of the fastest postoperative recovery can be completed within six months, which means that he will have a lot of time to prepare for the next season. But local contract issues is the real potential trouble, dolphins can cut him before the start of next season, leaving him to save more than that cap space.

Prior to the worst-case estimate of dolphins and retired quarterback Jay – Cutler (Jay Cutler) signed a one-year maximum value of up to $ 13 million contract. Now Tanneixier determine the season, which makes the dolphin looks very wise decision.

“We are still far from the goal.” Washborn said, “Adam (the main coach adam gase) also said the same thing. I really like the current members, they are very good, very hard. But talk If the efficiency is, we still can’t touch the target, the cover is not enough, we will continue to work hard. “

The array is on the left side of the defensive line, Washington is equally excellent in the branch, completed 1 time, 1 shot, four-point guard, and pressure. In addition, he successfully watched a short attack of a patriot’s screen.

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Starbucks’ investors said to this event: “Starbucks are proud to build better Seattle with the Hawks. We can also help young people stay away from violence to help them continue to receive educational opportunities.”

According to Starbucks, the players will be assigned to the designated Starbuckt store, the specific time is September 22, USA. The project also received support from “life better” charity organization, which is designed to help young people stay away from violence.

Notice! Starbucks have a sea eagle player grind coffee service

Recently, Seattle Hawksman’s head coach Pete Carroll invited several players to serve the local Starbucks served as the citizen. It is reported that this is to support his charity project “better Seattle”.

Tanneixier part cruciate ligament in the first half of 2016 season after tearing knee, which forced him to miss the final three regular-season games and the wild card playoff battle. But then he did not undergo surgery but chose to stem cell therapy. After a knee injury last week on the same side again, it appears that the decision to let him pay a heavy price.

6 Ways to Guard Against Cheap Nfl JerseysI just joined the team last week, this game has excellent play, which is able to run the ball for a long time, and can be short-lived and get rid of defensive rapid advancement. The game was 5 in the game in 5 in 4, including the wonderful boller with the superb bowl guard Malcolm Butler near the edge. The quarterfielding points as he as a pass target is 138.8 points. In the case of Hopkins, Fuller and other main force, he will have the ability to provoke the ball attack.

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