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iStock ImageGronoski is 29 years old, this season is 8.75 million US dollars, ranking 4th in the League near the Terrier, located in Jimmy Graham (13 million), Greg Olsen (12.35 million), and Tre Burton (Tre Burton) (11.3 million). In 2012, he signed a $ 54 million contract with Patriots.

A more obvious solution is that if the raid is moved to San Antonio, the spurs want to be one of the holdingers of the raid. But it is difficult to believe that Davis (the boss of the raid) will promise this requirement. The Spurs’ objection will push San Antonio into a two difficult situation. If the raid is really moved to San Antonio, then a good news for San Antonio is a good news. The lease period of the raid in the Auckland Stadium will expire after the end of this season, the team is also very important to move to a new stadium. It is great to have a NFL team’s popularity of a city. It is more precious to San Antonio. However, the spurs have always been the dominance here, the team has just won the fifth NBA champion trophy, and their way to play is also recognized by all walks of life.

Smith is a jet 2013 two-wheeled show, and the first two seasons are the jets to start 29 games. But he has conflicted with the teammates in the locker room, and the chin was fractured by a punch and put the first hand to Ryan Fitzpatrick. In 2016, he had a short returning to the venue, but in the only first game, the knee crossed ligament was torn, and the season was blown.

Jet veterans: team management abandon usThis week, a veterans who did not want to reveal the names of the New York Jet Tell the reporter team to re-use Geno Smith as the first quarter-saving signal.

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[Review] This week, the crow will make the four points to Sarah Jackson’s firstNFL TV Reporter Ian Rapople Reporting Crow Main Quartz Joe – Joe FLACCO Sunday probability is a big probability of injury, will be from the rookie quartz Wei Marrore Jackson ( Lamar Jackson is the first. Jackson was in a limited debt time, and 12 passed 7 in the 12-year seven, and the ball was reached, and the ball was 28 times 139 yards harvested 1 mushroom.

Spurs becomes a raid to the maximum resistance to San AntonioSan Antonio is a spurs of the Spurs, as one of the most successful teams in the past 20 years, if the Spurs oppose the raid team to San Antonio, then this migration plan will be very likely to fall.

At present, the Cheap nfl jerseys from china team Auckland raid team is very interested in moving the team to San Antonio. The team boss Mark Davis has conducted a preliminary contact with San Antonio when July. The San Antonio Express-News reported that San Antonio Spurs will oppose this migration, because they think that if the raids move to San Antonio to the team’s economy huge losses. They believe that it will be affected with another professional team competition market, including sponsorship, jersey sales and ball ticket sales. This fear is its truth for a city in a city.

This player added to this on Wednesday: “I don’t say that we will be afraid, I don’t think we have lost their fighting spirit in the locker room, but our manager, they seem to have given up this season. Our player Can’t do this, because we have to prepare for our family, but now it seems that these are not important, and I have almost meaningless for them. “

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The lion quarter-point Weistiford is uncertain when it is able to come backMatthew Stafford doesn’t know when to return to the venue. However, he said that the team is working together to determine the right back time.

In this way, Smith has changed four teams in four years. Last year, he was in lightning as the substitute for Philip Rivers, and fought 5 games. Before he served as a giant in the 2017 season, he served as the main coach – McAdoo stretched the proportion of Eli Manning as a substitute. But I don’t want this to lead him to the rice bowl, and Eli’s continuous starting record is also termination.

“There is no exact time arrangement, anything possible,” Stafford said. “I think this is a situation that has been changing. I am paying attention to injury, trying to make sure when I returned, I am ready to play, obviously, as I said before, I tried my best to make myself as soon as possible Dress. “

When the lion is close to the hope of the playoffs, the best solution for Stafford’s long-term health should be absence all the rest of the game. But Stafford hopes to come back this season. He felt that he was watching “frustrating” on the scene.

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