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A news that Levis’s news is revealed that Rewick tells Feng (Volin) aware of his responsibilities and understands the team’s regulations. After the training, he apologized to Belicik. “The message is accurate, the rules are valid for each person.”

The proximal front Gulith is not worried about the number of balls.Two games, the data of Rob Gronkowski, the pirates, Rob Gronkowski is not good. He only completed two battles and pushed 11 yards, but this did not let him be frustrated.

Small compartment inductive analysis. Next season, there is no patriot in the opponent of the pirate, and the lightning is going to face the patriot at home, and the old man may not bear to face the old man’s home in the opponent.

After Reed returns, Woods changed to the rotation role. Hawks may need to increase the inner defensive front line members, the initiative of Poona Ford and the Waiton Jefferson’s burden will be heavier.

The wounded soldiers are full, the San Francisco 49 people are caught in the saintsIn the case of the remaining in two games, the San Francisco 49 people have already determined that there is no one’s playoffs this season, but their mildew is not ended, as of this Wednesday, their injuries players have reached 17 people. 9 of them cannot participate in training.

Sea Eagle Defense True Aer – Woods is banned US time is reported on Friday, according to wholesale Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporters, Hui WooDs is banned by the Violation of the Alliance to enhance the performance of drug policies. The team officially confirmed this news and said that the punishment will be implemented immediately. Woods will therefore absent the remaining two regular sessions and playoffs.

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In fact, the late player will be sent home for Belick, nothing. The main coach of this new England Patriot in 2009 in 2009, Randy Moss, Adalius Thomas, Derrick Burgess, and Guri-Gatong (Gary Guyton) is sent home. Brandon Spikes was placed in the last season for 3 days, in fact, because of the reason why it was late.

Worse, the team’s two important running guards & mdash; & mdash; Frank Gore and Subtock Carlos Hyde have entered the observation list, so the team signed Philip yesterday. – Tenerip Tanner’s action will not be unexpected, Turner is effective in Darlas Deni in the first three seasons in his career.

Boston Global Times reporters reported that Bill Belichick did not allow it to participate in the team training. Because our corner is late to get the team at 7:30 in the morning. But on Wednesday, training was asked why Levis’s answer was absent from Tuesday’s training Yes: “Just asking him, you will ask him.”

Robinson said: “According to I saw it on this tweet, he still maintains a considerable intensity training. No matter when talking, we must first ensure that the player is healthy, let the doctor check, seeing it, make sure everything is not problem.”

Crawni, which is in the recovery period after the operation of the core muscle, a little low, annual salary requirements and injuries in more than 20 million US dollars, have made many teams, and even if they let the team do not give medical examination opportunities.

5 days agoIn addition, the proximal galret Celek has no navigation resort due to the injury of the ankle, and there have been 15 people in the 49 people in the injury reserves, and they are only in the 2011, 20th season. There are 5 people in this list, and there is no more than 10 last seasons.

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