“Chat Taopoon” raises the legality of gambling bring income to help farmers.

Chatchawan raises the legality of gambling and king99 brings income to help farmers – Student loans NIDA was prosecuted hope there will be a referendum

Chatchawan raises the legality of gambling and brings income to help farmers – Student loans NIDA was prosecuted hope there will be a referendum

Chatchawan Kong-udom, leader of the Thai Local Power Party Discussing the party’s policy to be used as a strategy in the next election that is to propose amendments to the gambling law to be legal. to help farmers Students who borrow money for education (KKU) who have been prosecuted. Gambling has always been forbidden in Thai culture. but as I heard a lot of people agree Let’s look at the votes in the House of Commons because at the time of voting there were over 300 votes, even the opposition agreed. And it still wants to have a referendum to make it a resolution of the people. because it is a good thing

Ready to emphasize that gambling should be legal because income will not flow out of the country at all, but must be controlled according to foreign regulations that prohibit people under the age of 20 from entering and most of them are already successful to come in and play In which children do not have money to play, the part that still has concerns from the public that it will be intoxicated and will cause crime. He thinks that crime is happening on the side of the road, but this is an open casino. is entertainment is a person who has a position to rest Which he believes that there will be rules to limit the scope of Mr. Kowit Phuangngam, a member of the House of Representatives on a party-list form for the Thai Local Power Party, said that now a draft gambling law has been prepared. To be offered by adding all kinds of online gambling into it. when it can be done In the Act, it is clearly stated that The fund will be divided into proportions to help people in 5 groups, farmers, farmers, students, local government, state welfare and public welfare. Welfare for the elderly This will be a party policy that will lead to fighting in the next election. This will allow the country to earn income from legal gambling.

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