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Replacement quartz Wei Lan Malet (RYAN MALLETT) in the fourth quarter of the Dragonas City Emirates, the first quarter of BRIAN HOYER, and he is also in this game to Texas. It is a hit hope of the team attack group in the competition that is disaster. Unfortunately, Texas is not enough to change their failure at the end of the game, and they lift 20-27.

The bear and the eagle have won four of the four games in the past six controversies, and the bear team in Monday night has won 2 in three games, with a large psychological advantage. At the same time, healthy bear external accessions will become a nightmare of all teams. The main entrance taken, Al Shang, Jeffre, cheap nfl jerseys from china won 105 yards in 4 times in the first game, and the efficiency is high. More worry is the front line of the bear team. When I face the Texas people, this offense frontline made their quarter “Jay” Jay-Carter 31 times, including 5 times Squat. In the face of the eagle more fierce defensive frontline, “Jay”, “Jayo”, has been careful. RG3 is a big bitterness in this.

2016 season on the 2nd week of Monday Night Eagle @

On the 2nd week, I will continue to happen in the national association’s two teams, and I will win the red-winning Philadelphia eagle to challenge the Chicago bear team with the victory of the world. The two teams have been upgraded to the lineup during the offset period, and there is a trick to make a big news in this season.

“This is the decision of the coach, I can of course understand why he does this,” Huoyer said after the game. “I can behave better, no one feels worse than I feel more bad. I am very disappointed, very embarrassing, I feel that I will let the teammates disappointed.”

Despite this, Bradga is still a major upgrade for the location of the lightning disagree. At present, lightning is still looking for new quarter-offs, and it is also necessary to continue to repair the offensive front line due to injuries in the season.

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Hill signed a first round of bidding contract worth $ 4.66 million in March. Therefore, in fact, his renewal contract is $ 16.3 million in 1 year. Not long ago, the saints are expected to sign the Jameis Winston for 1 year.

After the packaging workers signed the Rick Wagner, Braga’s packaging career has actually come to the end. Although the annual salary is more than 10 million US dollars, it is possible to understand the players who have been 30 years old, and have been tearing the knee before crossing the knee. The relative conservative salary can be understood.

After joining the saints in 2017, Hill ranked in 2018, he proved that he can play any role that the team’s request. Last season, Hill has played in 16 consecutive seasons. 6 passed 3 times successfully achieved 55 yards, completed 27 shots to get 156 yards and similar web page 1 time, completed 19 times to get 234 yards 6 Deta.

In the 10th week, the Sinnati Matula was hit by the same district opponent Cleveland Brown in the same area, and won the opponent at 3:24. After the game, the Tiger Number took over AJ-Green ( means that this ball is quite ugly. However, the rookie of the tiger, Jeremy Hill, said Brown did not make himself feel more powerful. Hill said in an interview after accepting ESPN: “Brown is not a strong team, telling the truth, I think they have poor than I imagined, they did not let me shine, they won the game, I respect them I can only say so much. “

On the other hand, the other positions of the Jaguji offensive group are strong enough, and there may not require excellent quartz-guards to change the game, Botes themselves clear this. When I was asked if I would choose myself in Fantasy: “It should not be, it is better to choose Leonard Fournette.”

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Hoyell let the coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; brien) No choice, he two in this 15-yard line leads to the ball translation, this game is only ugly 34 times 18 times completed 236 yards 1 time to double the pass passed.

At Friday, Brown main Safety Downtali responded to Hill’s speech: “He is a rookie. This kind of loser will only talk about the fatal loser, We all ignore him directly. Anyway, we have to touch it again, come on again. “

Hill had an angry helmet in the field at the fourth quarter of the game, when the reporter asked Hill why Hill did not reflect on his team’s question, but continued to devalue Brown: “Brown players Not good at all, we are all unexpected. They have not played how good, all our state is not good today to win. “

Let’s take a look at the Temple of Philadelphia, a lot of news. In exchange for this year’s own eye siling, it is signed with the potential of quarten Carson – Wenz, supplement the quadrant depth. However, before the start of the season, the front main four-point sam-Braford traded to the cold Minnesota, and Helve Wenz. This adventure has got a fantastic effect in the first game. Carson – Wenz, 37 passes 22 times successfully, won 278 yards passed the number of ball code and 2 pass to reach, and did not have been copied, the pass score is up to 101.0, in front of the discerning Philadelphia fans Under Blang, ushered in opening the door. Wenz has also become the first person in the new season since David Au Blane since 1939.

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