Checklist Of Time Zones Of All Countries

While the prime meridian line is at 0° of longitude, the international date line (an imaginary line on the Earth’s floor) is around 180° of longitude (which starts from the Prime Meridian in either east or west). In some locations, site ( the worldwide date line seems to be like a zigzag line. Its path is adjusted in order that this imaginary line doesn’t go via any populated space of the world. This line is very important for time calculation in varied time zones and places.

In 2011, the government responded to complaints from the many Russians who found it troublesome to adapt to changing the clocks twice a year (some even argued that it adversely affected their well being), and the follow was abandoned once once more. Consequently, some areas ended up with a time that was an hour or typically even two hours ahead of their geographic time! However, it turned out that the mistaken time – summer time in this case – had been chosen because the permanent one.

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– Model 1.2 TimeZoneInformation class: A bug-repair was made to the CurrentTimeZone static property to cope with the ‘Robotically regulate clock for daylight saving changes’ checkbox in the Date and Time management panel applet being unchecked. If this checkbox is unchecked, the GetTimeZoneInformation name returns a structure the place DaylightBias and DaylightName are equal to their customary equivalents. This caused the comparability to fail.

– World clock software: A bug-fix to stop a crash if no time zone was chosen within the Source Zone drop-down when the checkbox was checked.

TimeZoneInformation class: The ToUniversalTime methodology was added to perform conversions to UTC using the TzSpecificLocalTimeToSystemTime API. Other new strategies: FromIndex, a static methodology to find a TimeZoneInformation object for a recorded Index, and static overloads of FromUniversalTime and ToUniversalTime which take an index argument.