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Hayste said that the old east has never provided renewal contract

The sixth week of the competition is in front of the eye, this Zhou Tutland’s strikes will be collided with the Chicago bear, and this will also be the first back of Hester, cheap jerseys for sale Hester, Hester, and the first time after leaving the bear. For the old house.

Hester also showed his attachment to the bear team in an interview: “This is like a brother, I am very grateful to the bear team, I sincerely wish them to achieve good results this year.”

However, this older person has no harmony that does not look down. In the third week of the Falcon facing the pirate competition, Hester successfully broke history to return to the record, cheap nfl jerseys online and he was excited. He interviewed in the game in the last three to four seasons of Chicago. ” happy”. Hester said that the bear team did not provide the contractual contract during this year, and wholesale jerseys online told him that the team was not on a track. “When you have an effective force for eight years, there is no intention of the team behind the contract, this is really hurting” Hester said, “but anything will have a reason, sometimes What you want is not necessarily for you. “

This season, Hester became one of the strength of the Falcon and its performance, the fans can look forward to this week he can get a good code and even reachabited in the old east.

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