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According to the Spotrac website statistics, the Habito 2020 flower’s salary space ($ 5.9 million) was originally the least alliance. After Brown retired, the eagle also took out an extra $ 900,000 salary space.

The giant once again see Jason Pierve Paul to check the finger

New York Giants’ Defensive Dragon Dragonfly Since Jason Pierre-Paul, since July 4, there is no return to the court since after the fireworks injury. Recently, the giant team confirmed that he would see him again and evaluated his injury.

Do not Cheap Nfl Jerseys Unless You employ These 10 InstrumentsWhen Lin Qi played, he showed that he became the movement of the first round show, but he was also dragged down by the lack of experience. A complete break will help the two are ready to start the union’s most attractive four-guards competition.

Brown signed a year from the eagle in March this year, with a contractual salary of $ 550,000, including 550,000 US guarantee. He will at least be an important member of the special team, and there is also a chance to compete for a starting position.

Gustosski: It is me to lead the ball

The league changes the additional rules this season, and the long-term shooting distance has also caused a significant impact on the United States championships that have just been concluded. After 18-20 losses from Denver’s wild horse, New England Patriots play Stephen Gostkowski said in an interview that he believes that he has led to the ball.

This is also the second appointment of Pierre Paul and the team after the fireworks accident. The first appointment in September, the response given by the team at that time was his injury than the team expected to be bad.

Gustosski said: “I feel that I will let the team lose the game. I should kick it into the additional division, so that we can enter the overtime game. This bad feeling cannot be described in words, I can’t do it now. “Gust Cosky missed the additional points of the patriot’s first reachable, but that happened in the first quarter. In the 2006 season, the additional division of the rookie of Gustoski was once blocked, and he did not miss any additional points since then. This season, after the additional division is 33 yards, he still hits 55 balls.

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Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady said that this is not the responsibility of Gustoski in interviews, which emphasizes that the defense of wild horses is ruled. Gustosski said: “This is like a nightmare, I can’t explain my present feelings. I think I am disappointed.”

Everyone can see, no matter how the patron adjusts the pavement offensive mode, the black leopard’s wire guard or defensive guard can always quickly smash, and the Chickel is eye-catching six ways to listen to the whole game, and Thomas Davis is very assured. The impact gap is to hug. The Chicago Bear team has black and white two bear Bryan Errac and Lans Brigs, and today the black panther is copied. Good at the old turn of the anti-running angle, Khals Tilman injury, or the black leopard will be more horrible.

Now after the license is completely taken training, the first season served as the first quartz of the wild horse, will meet with the second grade quadon-Lynch, Paxton Lynch. Joseph emphasized that the same opportunity to win the first day on Monday.

The staring part, is a circle of Rigira, which is a trap. The best corner of the black panther is not used to focus on Felzgelad, but to John – Brown and Michael Flow. Id and other weapons have a deep threat, and the black panther is not willing to play a long pass. In addition, two corner-guards, old will Charles-Tilman and slot angle-Ten-this season reimbursement makes the Black Panther Totland – Fernigan and Robert – McLean & mdash; & mdash; The corner guards checked in in the ranks in the famous season, and the two were a troh guard in the peak of the career. This field turned to Fferzgelad, and the two were very experienced, and the dead card Bit, and Feitz fails to overtake Cheap Jerseys From China the outside, resulting in a few nearly invisible. Finally, the four copy, in fact, the Parme has only a copy of the copy, and the other three times are the Parmer’s banquet, why is the long pass of the sidewalk Line guards and safety guards? The reason is very simple, the red rhech lacks a depth of the near-side front and tangle pick-up to attract the midstallow, the long biography of Palmer is naturally in the plan of the panther security, see the proportion of the pass, Parme Distance to 12 passes 6, 2 times, have been copied, and the long pass 7 passed 0 2 times was copied, and the weapon of Palmer killing people is the medium distance, the panther is completely suppressed! Ali Ans and Rivira wrapped in the “Best Coach Award” in the last three seasons. For key pick-up, the induction of the four-point guards, Rivira has achieved Aliis in strategic tactics. Winning.

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The role of Kykli and Thomas Davis is not only limited to the road, but they sweep all over the shallow defense, and all the short biography of the rickets is almost hug, the efficiency is low. Many friends may know that the base of Chicle, but I don’t know Davis. He is the best near-end front guardian in the league. One of the best outside, this quarter is close to the non-near Did-end, can focus on running guards and shallow areas, Davis Davis only hurts only one half, but almost every defense is a shadow that he is full of flying, for the black panther early The big score leads to the sweating.

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