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Kubik said: “We will always need to make decisions. At least now, the team is very healthy. There are a lot of good players in our team, we need them to stay health. We won the 8th game, now only need Enjoy this victory. Lower next week will wait for a next week. “

“We have a good relationship,” Jones said. “This is not related to the contract. Everyone now wants a big news. I don’t have news. I just try to make myself better. I and the team don’t exist in this class …. Where will I go. “

Eight Reasons Abraham Lincoln Would Be Great At Cheap Nfl Jerseys From ChinaThis game Wilson completed 24 passes to advance 260 yards, four-point guards up to 138.5, and a few days ago, the coaching group has also publicly accused his pass issues, apparently played effective role.

Kubik is selected without a clear statement on the first

In the absence of Perton Manning, https://Virtualmfa.com Denver’s wild horse struck Chicago bears at 17-15 under the leadership of Brock Osweiler. In the interview after the game, the head church Gary Kubiak was asked and the performance of Oswele can help him continue to serve as a first time in the next game, Kubik has not given a clear statement. .

In the Sunday match, the Hawks over 49 people in 29-1, Rawls completed 209 yards, which is also the second good single scene of the Hawks History, and Russel Wilson ( Russell Wilson’s pass is good and finally helping the team to reach 50% of the record.

After the first season of the team acquired the top 12 times in the season, the new serrat patricia was responsible for making him more excellent in the new season. The defensive front line of the lion is not the team’s advantage, so it is especially required for Ansa’s performance.

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Last year by Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Tayler Lockett and Paul Richardson’s external lineup constant On the basis, the Hawowi also used three rounds to pick up Amara Darboh, seven-wheeled pick-up, David Moore.

Russell Wilson believes that the top group is best in recent years

At this time last year, the Hawks 4-point Walseer Wilsell Wilson said that the Hawks have the most talented array of team history. This year, he has focused on the talent of the external connections.

Rawls this game completed 255 yards, of which 46 yards were the ball. At present, Rawls has more than 160 yards in two games. You have to know the team’s starting to run to Ma Shaen, Lynn, Marshawn Lynch The maximum number of career single fields is 153 yards.

Although the first-race of the final competition has not contained, Kubiak also praised the performance of Oswe: “He is not able to participate in the game, the performance will also be better. Today he is very good. Complete your own work. “

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