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Andwood plays the sample of the new song to Gao Deli, and the latter agreed to use this song. It can be considered that this means that Andwood has more power, she is now more about the theme song than her predecessors.

The lion coach is reluctant to reveal whether the quarterford Whether it will play the next gameThe Detroit Lion is reluctant to disclose whether it will activate four-point guards-Stafford in the new crown reserver before the end of the Nneotida Weijing.

Jones said: “This will be my goal, Falls can be a super bowl MVP! In the subconscious, you will always hope that you can do this. It is not to hopes that the player is hurt, because everyone is very good, it is very related Take each other. I am also very concerned about the big book. I really hope that everything is fine. “

Stafford’s wife Kelly said in the Instagram to come into contact with someone who was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, so he was placed in the new crown reserve list. According to his wife, Stafford is currently in isolation, and their full family virus detection results are negative.

According to reports, Stafford is in contact with patients on Monday and diagnosed patients. If his virus test results are still negative, then he can start a battle to fight. But if he can’t pass the inspection, then the Subtock 4 Daniel will start.

“This song has been played for 10 years, but I don’t know how long we can use this song but will not make people feel boring.” Sunday night broadcasts the implementation of the producer Fred Gaudelli ” .

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Jay – Carter is very happy to be with Endam Kong – SovietBeijing August 10 Jay Cutler also has a few confrontation in the lion defensive group led by the Ndamukong Suh, and wants to give him a few times when playing with Chicago. I’m impressive.

“I don’t like four points, but I respect him (Carter), because he silently underped hit, never complaining, just stood up and patted the soil, then playing.” Su said, “quite tough guy He will definitely appear on the ground. “

But after the draft, this pattern has changed. In the third round, the steel man selected four-point Swan Mason, Mason Rudolph, didn’t, Rosrisberg expressed his dissatisfaction, but Rudolph made a proper response. Since you can’t shake the first hair, will Numius’s status will be a little dangerous? In general, the team does not use three rounds to sign a quarter-saving that cannot be squeezed into the depth lineup. This is also a kind of motivation for Jones, and he even wants to play the inspirational story created last season last season.

NBC has started using “Waiting for a whole day” since 2006 (adapted from Qiong – Jet’s famous song “I hate me” (& quot; I hate myself for loving you “). Before Andwood, Pink (PINK) (2006) and Faith Hill (2007-2012) sang this theme song.

Steelman four points to Jones intentionally becoming the secondIn the past few years, Pittsburgh’s four-point guards have not moved: the first is this – Roethlisberger, the number of headers is Landry Jones.

Su So has eaten a $ 15,000 fines after the impact of Kutler’s head. After that, he learned in 2012, giving Cautel cleaner, explanation and killed him 6 times, Katler came to the first training after the dolphin, and mentioned this.

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The election will arrive, the expert media is the crow, and the crow should be selected in the draft. Last season, the performance of the new show is shining in front, and there is no shortage of excellent junctions in this selection. At the same time, the success of the new show last season has also given this extension to a certain extent. The insider said that the crow will not deliberately in the election. If there is a good external connector, the team will not hesitate, but if there is no, the crow has confident to reinforce lineup with other ways.

Fraco: Don’t worry about external hands on the problemBaltimore Collus urgently needs to reinforce existing external lineup. With the departure of Torrey Smith, the team is trusted, only 36 years old Steve Smith left. In this regard, the quartz Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO) is not worried.

Fraco said in an interview: “Lost Torre is a loss to us, we lose a speed outstanding, can stabilize the players who have completed the ball. But I think we need to do this, there are still Many external works, they are all great. In my personal opinion, the existing ball lineup is already good enough. “

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