Find out how to Choose an Online Payment Solution

The payment provider is chosen based on many various criteria. Some of these are the service availability within the country where your bank account is, prices of a transaction, monthly fees, the costs of integration, and whether or not it resolves sales tax issues or permits for integration with another well-known payment solutions. Many of these questions have to be answered by You the client. Stripe is our wantred alternative as it had excellent API capabilities. This article will use Stripe as its payment processor of choice.

Best Practices for payment providers

Retry if transaction did not succeeded

The transaction may fail not only due to technical reasons however typically insufficient funds is likely to be the reason. You need to retry processing the transaction between an hour to couple of days later.

Know when your CC will expire

A few of the card particulars will expire or their data will no longer be legitimate for varied reasons. Once you shouldn’t have valid CC data charging the client will not be possible. The key card schemes provide a service that permits you to check if there are any updates pending for the client data that you just store. Among the online payment options will even replace card information for you. Stripe will do this for the keyity of MasterCard, Discover, and Visa cards. Not only CC.

Be aware that in some parts of the world people are not willing to pay with their Credit Card

The most effective example of this is China when Alipay is the main payment source. It’s worth noting that not all shoppers are pleased giving away their card details so using a well-known payment technique helps to extend the completion rate of potential transactions. Stripe additionally supports Alipay for China and for Europe Giropay, iDEAL

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We’d like to have PayPal

Typically shoppers just need to use PayPal as they’re familiar with the brand. Don’t be stubborn – Stripe will assist to maximise your profit. Stripe and Paypal are direct competitors there is no such thing as a integration between them.

Best practices while utilizing the Stripe payment process

PCI compliance with Stripe

Most users become PCI compliant by filling in the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) provided by the PCI Security Standards Council. The type of SAQ is dependent upon the way you acquire card data. The only technique of PCI validation is SAQ A. The fastest way to turn out to be PCI compliant with Stripe is to make sure you qualify for a prefilled SEQ A. In that case Stripe will fill the SEQ A for you and will make it available for you to download to your account’s compliance settings after the primary 20 or so transactions. The way to achieve this is as follows:

– Use the Embedded form called Checkout, Stripe.js and Components (it provides higher format customization then Checkout). You should utilize react-stripe-parts which uses Stripe.js API or Stripe mobile SDK libraries. If you’re utilizing react-native go with tipsi-stripe. ipsi-stripe bindings will not be formally supported by Stripe so support will not formally tell you that they qualify for prefilled SEQ-A compliance – but they do.

– If you are using web serve your payments pages ought to use HTTPS.

In all these cases data is securely transmitted directly to Stripe without it passing through your servers. While you select the fastest way you will not have to do anything more. It is as simple as this until you reach 6 million transactions per 12 months then you will must fill a Report on Compliance to validate your PCI compliance annually.

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Prepare for technical failure – Idempotency key

If you’re utilizing API to take payments you must prepare for a technical failure as all networks are unreliable. If failure occurs wit is just not always potential to know if a cost was made or not. In the case of a network failure you must retry the transaction. The Idempotency key is a prevention mechanism against charging a customer twice. If for some reason you submitted the payment twice – which could happen on account of retrying operations after a failure. In Stripes node lib you just add it to options parameter while charging. Every Idempotency key will day out after 24 hours so after that point if you make a payment with the same Idempotency key you will cost the client.

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