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The wild horses will continue to use them from the giant team trades, Brandon Mcmanus, McMarus, in the first three games, live all free kicks and add a shot door and kicking in the foot. I repeatedly kicked the ball out of the bottom line. He shows the competitiveness to make the team dare to cut off the 64-yogle, the league history, the farther distance, the mid-range record holder Pratt. If McMarus has been in the wilderness this season, the giant team will get a seventh round of the wild horse.

Mustak star playing the ball Pratt

Due to the completion of the four banches of the Denver Maka Team, the Denver Maka Team, which violated the alliance alcohol, but has lost its work. The team announced in the local time on Friday to play the player in the 2013 season. General Manager of the team, John Elway, said: “The old man who has been in the past for many years will always be a difficult decision. I represent the Mustang Qi team, thank you Matt in seven years. For the contribution of the team, I wish him a smooth career and everything in life. “

“I think we need to continue to try to speed up his speed, strengthen his rushing skills, so that he can become the three-speed player we need, give us some inside rush pressure.” Lion defensive coordinator Terry TERYL AUSTIN said.

The crow announced that the number of viewers will be controlled up to 14,000 people.

Due to the influence of new crown epidemics, the fans can be allowed to have an important issue to be coming. Even if the fans can enter, according to the place where the ball is located, the upper limit may also change.

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According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the eagle selection before the crow took over Mike Wallace before the signing. Wallace will sign a contract of $ 2.5 million, including a contract of incentive bonuses.

Outstanding achievements, this defensive leads the giants to enter the playoffs, angular giants, Jenkins hopes that the giants can save these excellent combats, and the Jason Pierre-Paul and Jonathan – Hanathan Hankins and tries to retain the corner Dominic – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

The crow officially announced that in the 2020 home game, the number of visitors will not exceed 14,000 people. This is also in the state government, the local government allows the audience to present. The crow can accommodate up to 71,000 home courtes, and about 80% of the seat will be vacant.

Last year, giants signed a year, unless they used the privileged label this year, otherwise it would be unlikely to be technically recurring. Before receiving sports hernia, Pierre Paul was played in 12 games, and he harvested 7 times.

NFL Waist Flash Federation District Application Channel has been opened, open application in 2017, not limited to city, unlimited region, as long as you have experience, strength, enthusiasm, you can participate in the discharge area.

Robinson is a 2nd show in 2016. It has achieved 5.5 killing in the rookie season at the University of Alabama. So the lion is completely trust of his ability, but he only wins 2 killing in the wholesale nfl jerseys‘s rookie, and forcing the quadrant to quickly.

Dick Cass, Dick Cass, said: “In order to ensure the safety of the fans of the game, we must increase the number of people to the field. It is unfortunate that this will cause trouble to the fans who wish to buy tickets, but we must have a fans and society. The group is responsible, as far as possible to make the Merchants Bank Stadium safe. “

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The lion hopes that Ai Shan Robinson has a lot of hands

Beijing June 11th, A & RSQUO; Shawn Robinson, gave people their own exquisite mushrooms to stop the skills last season, but the lion hopes that the defensive cut offers can more bear the mission.

“You see, you have established a good defense, every element is complete, then I want to dismount it in the peak period.” Jenkins said in an interview, “Let everyone stay together, get free players and trading. We are unhealthy, you will definitely make some discretion. & Hellip; & hellip; I really hope that we can keep DRC and JPP. I like them very much, they will return to the brave, yes, just need a suitable opportunity. “

Rogers Kromuri is excellent in performance last season. If the giant is divided into him, their dead money space can be 4 million US dollars, they can also dismiss external Ticko-Kruz (Victor Cruz) to make more space for more space to continue to improve defense.

Garnolis – Jenkins believes that improving defensive will enhance giants

The last stop period, the giant brought the top defensive players in the market with a large spending, trying to improve the defensive group of years.

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