Guild Wars 2 Guide How to Make A Unique-Looking Hero

Do you dread running into a character that looks exactly like yours in Guild Wars 2?Well, you may not have to worry too much, because ArenaNet has packed the newly launched fantasy online rpg with enough character customization options to minimize duplicates running around Tyria. From deep initial creation controls to a more lenient naming process to nifty gearing options, the chances of running into doppelganger are all but nil if you just take some time and effort to make your character proudly your own.

Take the Character Creation Process Seriously


ArenaNet is proud to have rolled out such a deep initial character creation process for Guild Wars 2.But this doesn't mean you should just speed through the process and accept all the default options thrown at you. The minutes you save racing through this most important customization stage will not be worth the agony of realizing 20 levels in that you absolutely hate the way your Charr's horns look like, or how your Mesmer looks unbearably creepy to you with her perennially smiling mask.

Your choice of race, profession, physical appearance and accessories will probably be changed only through paid barbershop and name change services, so take as much time as you want to get your character looking exactly the way you want him or her to be on your first go-around.

Choosing a Race – There are five playable races in Guild Wars 2 (in order of decreasing height): The giant-like Norn, feline humanoid Charr, plantborn Sylvari, Humans and the halfling-sized Asura.

Choosing a Gender – Next you can choose between a male and female character.The armor template for both are basically identical, save for a few details. The more notable difference is that females are slightly smaller in stature than males by default.

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Choosing a Profession – There are eight professions in Guild Wars 2 – Elementalist, Engineer, Guardian, Mesmer, Necromancer, Ranger, Thief and Warrior — with more slated for release if its predecessor mmorpg, Guild Wars, is any indication. These professions can be further classified into three sub-groups based on their armor.

– Heavy Armor users look intimidating and indomitable, as if it would take a hundred blows to knock them to the ground or a ballista to piece through their thick defenses.

– Medium Armor have a more primal and dexterous feel to them.Materials range from animal bones to sturdy but lightweight leather fabrics, with mobility and survivability are both key themes for these professions.

– Light Armor users wear layers of cloth fabrics which allow unrestricted movement for them to perform their magical feats.

Certain professions like the Necromancer and Mesmer, for example, sport distinctive masks.Experiment with each profession before finalizing your choice; you can always retrace your steps to reverse a choice you made.

Choosing Your Appearance – Race, gender and professions done. Now comes the chance to really make your character your own. Guild Wars 2 lets you the following aspects of your appearance: Body Features (height and physique); Head Options (hairstyles, hair color, face); Face Details (eyes, nose, ears); and Armor Dyes (upper, lower, footwear).

Armor dyes were a brilliant solution to the problem in other online rpg titles where the random gear you pick up and equip clashes against your existing pieces, leaving you looking like a badly dressed fool.Now, armor pieces you wear get dyed to a pre-set pattern so you look effortlessly dashing.

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Naming Your Character

Before entering the Guild Wars 2, you will have to give your character a name. Some players do so out of convenience, with easily recognizable names like Bob, Samantha or Richard.Of course, most of these single names are mostly taken now. A nice workaround is to give your character two names within the 19 character-limit (including spaces.) If you plan on making many characters, you can even settle on a shared last name.

Fill Up Those Gear Slots

Throughout playing this sprawling MMORPG, you will pick up thousands of items, many of which will be equippable to your character.

Not all of these will alter the appearance of your character; only seven armor slots will do this. Namely, these are the head, shoulders, chest, gloves, leg, feet and back slot items. In contrast, gear slots such as rings and accessory items do not change your outward look.

Weapons also help complete your total outfit, and your pick of offensive arms will be dictated by your profession.

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