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The response of Cowboy coach Jason Galrett is, “No, I chose Tyron Smith” decision is undoubtedly correct, we wanted to choose a base stone player, we feel that Smith will It is a great player, the signature character of the left trip. Of course, we also appreciate it for Watt, and spend a lot of time before the show. “This is not a” choice Greg – Oden, I missed Kevin Durant “, because Smith is also very good. There is only one game in the career, and the best lineup is selected last year. This year, this year’s break is getting a team. The renewal renewal of the 8-year 98 million price contract.

This operation is somewhat unexpected because the training camp is only two or three days left. Herns injured the left foot of the left foot in the outer cassette of the sea eagle, but it has been fully rehabilited and can participate in training.

High 25 Quotes On Nfl JerseysIlli said: “We believe that the team is very close (super bowl), we already have a very excellent core player, soon you can compete for super bowls. The most ideal situation is to get plug-and-play players, opportunities maximize.”

“I think the most important question is, (you have to have negotiating them as people and them, I mean these people love to play for Kansas City chiefs & mdash; & mdash; you know this, cheap Jerseys from china how they talk about Kansas City chief It can be seen, “Mahms said. “They also want to be able to raise their families, just like me, so they will make the most favorable decisions for themselves and their families. But I know that they love to play for the Chief of Kansas City, like I love to win the champion, so I can Successful appearance is excited, I hope they are successful in Kansas City chiefs. “

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The little ladies are not launched by the Little Trust, Darius Leonard, and QUENTON NELSONs, but after the end of the old Phillip Rivers, they There is a vacancy in the four-defense position. At present, Xiao Ma still has the four-point guard of the contract in the body of Jacob Eason, Jacoby Brisett, is about to be free.

US Sunday, Dolphins Against the Games of the Jet, Run Frank Gore complete 5 yards, transcendentum Martin, becomes 14103 yards History fourth. Gore’s career scorpion code is only second only to Emitt Smith (Emmitt Smith) (18355), Walter Payton (16726) and Barry (15269) These three have been selected to celebrate the celebrities.

Gore is 49 people in 2005, three rounds of trimesters, 2006-2014, eight seasons in the nine seasons, more than a thousand yards, although the 2015 season did not extend this record, but he completed thousands of 2016 The code is advanced. It is more worth amazing that Gore has not lacking the game since 2010.

Mike McCarti is only intentionally jet coach work

Beijing January 9th still has five NFL teams not found the next head coach, but only one team has received the “Fang Heart” of Mike McCarthy in the front packaging worker.

McCarthy is wrapped in a wrapper in early December. The Brown once expressed interest in McCarthy, but they now mainly focus on Freddie Kitchens and Kevin Stefanski. In addition to Brown and jet, tigers, wild horses, dolphins still have not found the head coach. However, the three teams did not show interest to McCartin.

Can coach potential Sam Darnold is the most attractive aspect of the jet. At present, the team has interviewed McChaki, Kliff Kingsbury (has become a scroll coach), Jim Caldwell, Todd Monken, Egypt Eric Bieniemy and Adam Gase.

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The chief quarter Shuabos: I hope the new contract will not hinder the team to win.

The new contract of Patrick Mahomes is a topic that is concerned with an external concern, which will make him have the opportunity to become the highest salary player. The Chief of Kansas City understands this and has recognized that the negotiations may spend a lot of time.

Cowboy coach does not regret that the year is missing Watt

At the 2011 Electoral Conference, the jeo team signed the 9th did not choose JJ-Watwatt. Now Watt has become the most horrible defensive player of the Alliance (almost one of the “one”), the denim has Didn’t regret the choice of the year?

“When you look back at your career after your career, you want to see you have achieved a lot of success, many victories, hope to have a lot of super bowls of champion & mdash; & mdash; I want to see a lot of success at your career. Mahms said. “Obviously I want to get a contract, obviously I want long-term support and do all such things.”

The chief has expected to use a privileged player label for defensive cut Chris Jones, and they may reorganize the contract of Sammy Watkins. Mahmus has talked with two people, but it is not a discussion contract.

“But I want to make sure I get a contract with intelligence and correct way, I don’t know what it will be exact way. I know that my team and the chief team will discuss the contract, and then in the right time in order to make the team more It is very exciting to reach a consensus. But I am very excited to have a great effort for Kansas City chiefs. I know that due to the team of Kansas City, this will be handled in the correct way. “

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