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In March crazy, Rogers who have been open to the Wisconsin University Basketball team appeared in the NBA draft of Barclays Center, he is to support his friends Sam Deker. After being selected by the Houston rocket, Deml and Rogers took a few photos together with Rockets. On the tweet, Deml wrote: “Another big brother came to New York celebration.”

Earlier this year, Dekel revealed that Rogers stunned him before the University of Wisconsin University, incentive, incentive, incentive, incentive, and he responded to the highest score performance of 23 points. Obviously, their friendship will continue.

The prior to the preparation of the first quarter of the first quarter of the first quarter of the first quarter, but eventually passed by free kick, this is the first wave of attack in the first wave of attacks in the first wave. However, after the Viking people got up to reach, they quickly got a leading leading advantage.

Before 2002, the patriots killed six times, but they never won the super bowl. The 36th Super Bowl Patriot 20-17 defeated St. Louis ram, and won the super bowl for the first time. Since then, the patrigoes have won the super bowl and three times in 03, 04 and 14 years respectively.

& gt; & gt; & gt; Inner line Bennadrick – McKini vs. Run Danny Wood Hide

Wood Hain has returned from the injury from the injury last week, but 12 files run as an external hand, and becomes a pass target. Interestingly, he has 17 files as an external hand movement and 9 times as a pass target. Such a ball-type running guard may be troubled to the Dezhou people’s internal Wendikini, although there are two games this season, the quarter ghoul is not dare to pass towards him, but once it defenss to him Passing, he puts an average of 15.1 yards at average. This is a good news for Wood Hyde and crow quiz, or a good news.

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[Texas people news delivery] a few big points to the crow

Although the level of Sanvach is a large number of Watson, but last week rely on his organization and running the ball, Texas won the first victory after the Loss of Watson. This week, they will pass with Baltimore Crows, and they will not malign in several positions.

Do not rule out whether there are several failures in the season in the season for protecting the players, after all, the patriot’s bench has no injury. If you want to go to Wiki Smpyppksantodonboscofakfak Sch farther in the season, Braddy’s state and the recovery of the injury player are crucial.

& gt; & gt; & gt; Exterior hand De Andrew – Hopkins vs. Corner GM-Smith

Saviqi returned to the first quarter-off, the team rely more on the head of the team’s number one after the ball attack. Last week, Hopkins won in the midpersion of Peterson, completed 3 games 65 yards 1 to more. In the past three weeks, Savich has 37 times to pass the ball to Hopkins, which is the most alliance. Moreover, Hopkins an average of 2.28 yards each running 2.28 yards is also the level of the leader 20. The game is against the crow, he will be taken care of by the corner GM-Smith, and Smith has played a career highlight performance. The attack and defense between the two will have a large extent to determine the trend. In addition to the exterior of the top and the top of the top, Texas people take over Bruce – Al Lington and the crow are also worthy of attention. Although Texas people have no way to send Fowler, Allington’s threats cannot make crows, last week, Elington seven times as passing targets were completed 6 times, of which 5 were completed in the slot. The crow will send Weber to defense in the slot. He has averaged 2.8 yards per defensive, and the average is 6.8 yards. Elington and Hopkins can find breakthroughs in Weber.

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The autonomy of Breddy’s autonomy in the early season of this season has reached an unprecedented point, and the hot Braddy also led the patriot, and the League will lead to the entire League. However, after the season, frequent injuries made the patriots, and the situation of several people seriously affected the status of the team, and the patriots had a lot of effort in the late regular season, and even put the United States. The regular season champion gave Denver wild horse.

But Haskins also understands that it is necessary to ensure that it is not only a good attitude that does not only need a good attitude. He revealed that he worked hard to improve his footsteps and keep in touch with the coach. He said: “I feel that my offense system is really suitable for me.”

It is said that the team is a four-point guardian Tom-Braddy. The sixth round of the sixth round in 2000 opened for 15 years as the long-term team of the alliance first line. As the most perfect model of commercial value and competitive value in NFL and cheap jerseys from china even the United States, Tom Braddy is far from being limited to the football court. It is difficult to say that the patriot and Brady who makes whoever, the reality is: even if the patriot’s lineup has such problems, maintaining healthy Breddy will always maintain the status of the patriots first line.

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