How We Improved Our Linkedin Leads In a single Week(Month, Day)

So that’s it – how I use LinkedIn for sales prospecting on social media. Although there aren’t any additional search features offered at this level, the greatest benefit of a LinkedIn Premium Business account – from a prospecting perspective – is the ability to get around the Commercial Use Limits LinkedIn puts in place on free accounts. That’s what it used to be a few years ago, but it’s now developed into an amazing lead generation and business networking platform, where you can connect with business owners, CEOs and smart decision-makers from all over the world. That said, there’s a pretty big difference between adding a few job listings to a bare minimum profile and really taking full advantage of the features and functionalities the program provides. If you’re just doing the minimum of ADD, POST, ENGAGE, that’s only 10 minutes a day for connections and 10 minutes for engaging. Once you have a long list of people who commented on your post, create an Expandi campaign to connect with them (if you’re not connected yet) and a messenger campaign (if you’re already connected). If you’re struggling to find the right people on LinkedIn (or if you’ve hit the search limits imposed on free accounts), you also have the option of searching for leads outside of LinkedIn and then using Google boolean search operators to connect directly with their profiles.

Once you’ve optimized your profile, Linkedin Leads you’re ready to reach out to new contacts. You’ve probably noticed 10 other types of email patterns. Mail-Prospector’s built-in email finding technology helps you to find email address of your prospects in less than 30 seconds. This helps keep the brand-buyer engagement cycle going, nurturing buyers over time. Are you ending up losing more time and money while copying LinkedIn leads to an Excel spreadsheet? Where Facebook or Instagram users are on the platforms because they need to escape their world for half an hour, on LinkedIn people intentionally choose to spend their time on the platform because they want to network and look for ways to grow their business. What’s more? The software also verifies the business email address. Flip through the search results (web pages) to find more email patterns. Especially for more complex types of use cases where people might need more information (competitor comparison, product overview, etc.), you need dedicated landing pages for true personalized experiences. You can now focus on important tasks that need your attention. Decision – your prospect is now a qualified lead that you have educated and nurtured.

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It’s also easier to build direct relationships with the decision makers you want to do business with, often sidestepping the gatekeeper secretaries and assistants. In each episode of the podcast, we tackle pressing topics for a major segment of our audience-startup founders-and discuss common challenges like how to build a mobile app, finding the right business partner, bootstrapping, growing a remote company, dealing with churn, scaling a sales team, and so much more. The power of brand is real, especially in sales. It is ideal for any sales person who enjoys the interactive nature of LinkedIn and takes an interest in growing their personal brand. In other words, you are generating sales leads for your business. If you are heading to an industry event or conference, create a QR Code for your business. At the very least, they’ll make your profile stand out and appear more authoritative to those that are viewing it.

However, you’ll only get access to InMail with a paid account, so make sure this step produces sufficient value to justify the investment. That makes it entirely possible to get to the Millennials holding buying power without touching Snapchat or Instagram. You’ll get to bid on 10 proposals, for free. Also, if your lead list is filled with current consumers, you’ll be notified instantly when they leave the company. Next, you’ll want to click on the number of members in the group. You can enter the name of your search, select the Alert frequency – Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never and click Save Search. There are so many different social media platforms you can choose to be on. While data on LinkedIn may be more accurate than other social networks, that doesn’t mean it’s immaculate. LinkedIn is one lean and mean lead generation machine. LinkedIn is one of the major sources to find your targeted prospects.

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