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The coach of the ram said that Jarid Gaofu has improvedDefensive Diagnum – Donald and Corner Trummeine – Johnson (Trumaine Johnson) did not come to the rest of the event, so the main travel of Sean Mcvay on Tuesday’s Fixed Answering some changes have taken place, but he will also concentrate on the training-trained players.

US Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Viking has dismissed John Defilippo. In the past six games, Viking has not exceeded 24, and the total number of codes of code is divided into the code. 17 (354.4), the average passed number of passes, the number of passes, the average scorpion codes (85.4), the field split the league 20 (21.7).

In this news, 49 General Manager Trent Buck said, “Trent Baalke” said that he is “complete” expectation to stay in 49 people in the next season. Capenik’s $ 1.9 million will become a full guarantee on April 1. Buck said that the team’s plan to Kynek is until April 1st.

In the final match in the wilderness season, Dravan’s red squat was played in the second half. In his performance of his entire preseason, he completed 75% of the success rate, promoting 179 yards and 1 Reach.

In an interview recently, Manning said that Trev’s hairstyles should be as simple as other rookies. However, for the Trev’s training camp, Manning still gives the 中 肯 ‘s evaluation: “His training camp is good, is a very smart guy, his progress is obvious, of course his knees are really dragged. So In the first month, he did a lot of others did not do. If he stayed healthy, his payment must have a return. “

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“We strive to convey the information to the player is: We will let the best players play.” McWe said, “We are trying to win the game, let us feel the most contributed to victory, must also play a man who played behind the center , Quartz. Now they are doing very well, Jialide has achieved outstanding achievements, but you will always confirm it, this person is a correct choice. Both people have flash points, but At present, Jarid is the first, his performance is also worthy of this position. “

Trajector’s coach: there is no health problem with Xiuhu HostIn the draft, the raid is a rookie, the defending front line member Mauris Hurst, due to the diagnosis of heart problems, the market fell. Herster was considered to have the first round of talent, but finally until the five rounds were selected by the raid. In this regard, Jon Gruden, said that Hester’s heart problem did not affect.

In the ninth week of last season, 49 people let BLINE Gabbert instead of Cape Nick as the first quadruping & mdash; & mdash; Cape Nik finally was put into the injury reserves in November. At that time, he was listed as left shoulder injury in the 11th week. But he encountered this injury in the fourth week and then went to four games.

“I will not answer the problem about Hast’s health.” Grunette said, “I know there is a lot about his message, basically a small news & hellip; & hellip; but I hope you are based on him. The performance is evaluated. He passed the medical examination, I said here. “

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NFL and Braddy are difficult to achieve solutionsAccording to informed people, NFL has changed their conditions for Tom Brady to resolve their lawsuit on Tuesday. They said they will not be in the conclusion of Bradi’s conclusion in Braddy’s investigation reports. A solution is reached with Braddy. wholesale nfl Jerseys did not comment on this message on Wednesday.

Ideas, Formulas And Shortcuts For Wholesale JerseysPedon – Manning does not like the starry hairstyle The quarter of Denver’s wild horse is one of the four-point guards in the alliance, and now he seems to have to practice a rookie four-defense in his team.

Previously, Mrman judges demanded that both parties met to solve this, the last time was on Tuesday, he asked the two sides to have more “goodwill” discussions. He arranged for the second time I heard the results of both parties next Wednesday. If both parties have not negotiated solutions, he was requested by both sides asking for a ruling before September 4.

Wednesday morning Goodell and the league accepted the case of lawyers and Judge Richard – Berman (Richard Berman) meet, at the end of the meeting Houbuleidi Goodell and his five lawyers to meet with Berman. Subsequent judges listened to both parties.

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