Italy hits Apple and Google with $22.5m antitrust fine over data use


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The growth has been a boon for 구글상위노출 Alphabet, Meta and Inc, major sellers of digital ads and which now account for more than half of all advertising spending outside of China, an increase from closer to 40% in 2019, GroupM said.

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Despite a year marked by worldwide supply chain disruptions that delayed products from reaching shelves and a user privacy clampdown by Apple Inc that many feared would disrupt mobile advertising, brands have continued to advertise online as in-store shopping has been slow to return due to the ongoing pandemic, said Jonathan Barnard, director of global intelligence at advertising firm Zenith, which published an ad expenditure forecast on Monday.

Kanter takes the reins of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division at a time of calls for tougher enforcement and bipartisan criticism of internet platforms like Facebook Inc , Inc and Apple Inc.

The companies have vigorously denied any wrongdoing.

The Italian watchdog said a 2018 deal between the two US companies had ‘barred official and unofficial resellers of Apple and Beats products from using, allowing the sale of those products in that marketplace only to Amazon and to selected parties in a discriminatory manner’.

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The need for marketers to directly reach consumers has also led to the success of retailers like Walmart, Target and Kroger to rapidly grow their own ad sales businesses, allowing brands to use their shopper data to target more customers.

The government is preparing to file a second lawsuit focused on the company’s digital advertising business. Kanter has spent years representing rivals of Alphabet Inc’s Google, which the Justice Department sued last year alleging that it broke antitrust law in seeking to hobble search engine rivals.

The law allows for Australia’s government to set fees if negotiations between tech giants and news providers fail, but at present rejected companies have been left with little recourse as they wait for the government to review the law next March as planned.

The watchdog also recently ordered Apple to pay £113 million and Amazon £58 million after the tech firm and the e-commerce giant entered into a deal to penalise official and non-official sellers of Apple products (an iPhone, right).

Dec 6 (Reuters) – The global advertising industry will notch higher growth this year than previously expected as brands are relying more heavily on search engine and social media companies such as Alphabet Inc’s Google and Meta Platforms Inc to reach customers during the pandemic, according to two ad industry forecasts released on Monday.

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‘Luxembourg is pleased that in general the country in which the intermediary is established remains responsible for the enforcement of the harmonised rules of the DSA, in particular thanks to closer cooperation with the other Member States and the Commission ‒ apart from when it comes to the very big players,’ it said in a statement.

SYDNEY, Nov 22 (Reuters) – Australian small publishers will get a leg up in their fight to secure licensing deals with Google and Facebook after the country’s richest person said his philanthropic organisation would seek a collective bargaining arrangement for them.

The Minderoo Foundation, owned by Andrew Forrest, chairman of iron ore miner Fortescue Metals Group, plans to help 18 small publishers by applying to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on their behalf so they can negotiate together without breaching competition laws.

pipeline, said the scale and scope of ransomware operators represented security and economic risks to Canada and its allies. The Communications Security Establishment (CSE), citing attacks on North American health facilities and a U.S.

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