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Fa Mal said: “Let’s change the existing tactical system to force God to feed the ball? To tell the truth, I don’t think this is good for the team. Of course, I know that he is a very talented player, he can do it on the court. Many things, but let the entire team break the status quo to force him to be able to make it, only teams can win, talents can’t let us win. “

After the past two seasons in the past two seasons, Nfl Jerseys the jets that need four-point guards still difficult to touch the coach group, Hasenberg began to improve their own passive posture cheap nfl jerseys from china the beginning of this year.

In the first few hours before the trading message, Hasenberg said that he was frustrated from the coach group to correct the passive ball in two seasons in the jet. He is impossible to get an opportunity at present, a jet of Sam Darnold, Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater.

We have previously expected that Newton will absence at least one of the preseason. The previous alliance MVP has one month to prepare for regular games. At present, the black panther is panicked, but the longer Newton is absent, and we will have more questions about the tacit understanding between him and blood-blood attack groups.

“There is definitely the restraint,” Elvi said that it is expressed in the expectation of the 4-point Delw Lock and the offensive group. “I don’t think we can’t expect that we can open the firepower in the stadium without the training period. I know that we spent a lot of time in the video conference, (offensive coordinator) Pat (Shu) (Pat) Shurmur) and his offensive coaches spent a lot of time to coach, but nothing can be compared to training on the court. So this will be a slow progress process. “

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“For Drew’s expectations & mdash; & mdash; he did show excellent performance in five games, but that is just five games last season,” Elvi said. “He has no break in this year, and the rest of the play is always very important for young players. I know that he spent a lot of time and external hands to carry out the ball training, reaching a tacit understanding on the timing and in the team base Try to do our best. “

Jon Gruden, Jon Gruden, is willing to gamble in Hulanberger, trying to let Hackenberg’s career salted fish turned over to be low risks but high returns. When Grunette served as an ESPN guest, he thought that Hulanberg had the potential of the first round show.

“We like this group of people,” said Elvi to ESPN. “We have high expectations for all young people. We will need them, and now the coach team is in harmony with young players and accepts the idea of ​​young players to play …. But last year’s selected players, we pick them It is because we feel that they can make contributions and become a good Denver wild horse player, we still think now. “

Kelly is not rushing to make a decision, but it seems impressive impression on his potential of Gibot. We will see if such an impression will give him the first position to Gibert, and more importantly, it can be a victory for 49 people.

49 people coach: I don’t know who will be the first quarter-saving

The initial review of the offensive group created by Chip Kelly is quite exciting, but it is a matter of ruling, which has a good performance in the real gun. thing.

Mustang General Manager Elvi: It is very prudent to the team’s new season.

In this year’s break, Denver’s wild horse has reinvised the offensive group and introduced a number of offensive players. In addition, team defensive groups are also talented. This makes the outside world are optimistic about the performance of the team in the new season.

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Before the last season was placed in the injury reserve list, Gibot replaced him to become the first quarter-saving, but that is during the predecessor coach Jim-Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula). At the same time, Katnik has been recovering from the right thumb, left shoulder and left knee injury.

The wild horses may also use helpers to protect the four-point guards – Peyton Manning, but they selected two offensive front line players & mdash; & mdash; attack cut offers Michael Schofield and center Matt Paradis has not played a game. The wild horse will want to see that one or two people stand out this season.

In addition, even if you are the world’s most talented tactical master, if you don’t have an excellent quarter-saving, you still have a hard game. Kelly acquired the first hand in the Philadelphia Eagle last season, which also made him throw away. Now 49 people in San Francisco, he has to understand that Colin Kaepernick or BLINE Gabbert can make 49 people most likely to win the game.

Elvi defends the Wild Horse 2014 selection player

Only one player selected in the election in the last season made people noticed contributions to Denver Makayama. But General Manager John Elway, said that the talented talents she selected last year is much more than they look.

Maybe for the talented but also young wild horse offensive group, they did encounter trouble in the early season, so Elvi did not want the outside world to have too high expectations. It is also possible that he does not want the players who will be too confident after they have been praise.

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