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Breddy litigation case and decompression

New England Patriots 4-point Guou Brady and wholesale nfl jerseys cheap President Roger Gu Delle failed to reach a conventional agreement on the proceedings filed by the former. Richard Berman, Judge Richard Berman, is announced on Monday, will not negotiate solve the case, and he will make a ruling on Friday.

However, according to free nfl jerseys online official website, Braddy is considered to be the first “willing” to accept a ban on a ban on the agreement, the reason is that there is no “ventilation” incident investigation work. According to informed people, there is this possibility before the beginning of the negotiations on Monday. However, this negotiation still has no results.

The negotiation between the two sides was detrimentally by the judge. The negotiations over the past few weeks have been deadly, because Braddy adheres to their own position, he will not accept the conclusions in any survey report, nor will you bear any responsibility that may participate in the “ventilation”.

Whether it is open, private, Braddy insists that he has nothing to do with “venting door”. However, wholesale nfl jerseys china he acknowledged that he should work with a more cooperative attitude. At the same time, it seems that Braddy is willing to bear part of the responsibility, NFL looks willing to reduce his ban on the ban. However, since the negotiation has never reached this, NFL did not open this condition.

However, according to informed people, the two sides still have a conventional agreement until the Judge Bemman is a judgment.

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