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2016 regular season Week 16 Giants @ Eagles on Thursday night race

2016 regular season Week 16 Giants @ Hawks on Thursday night race “live address”

2016 regular season has entered the final stage, and this week’s Thursday night game will be the last race of the season Thursday night. The two sides also against the rival New York Giants for many years and the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia’s guest will fully guarantee the Giants this week confirmed wild card playoff qualification.

Philadelphia Eagles regular season highs, rookie quarterback Carson – led by Wentz once played a very nice record, but over the season, cheap nfl jerseys for sale the shortcomings of both offense and defense are also gradually exposed. Offensive weakness, so that the eagle eating a lot of losses. Carson – Wentz has got 3385 yards this season passing yardage and 13 touchdowns in six career home games, the passing score of only 88.5. Veteran running back Darren – Sproles is the only one you can get 30+ passing touchdowns (30) in NFL history, + 20 running touchdowns (21), seven punt return touchdowns and 2 kickoff return touchdowns players.

New York Giants before the tide swept away a few seasons, the coach of this – under McAdoo, led from the playoffs this season, only one step away. In the past two face Philadelphia in the game, Giants quarterback Eli – Manning came 559 yards, 6 touchdowns and 2 steals, passing score was 94.9. Took little outside the main Ao Daier – David Beckham is still played well this season, since entering the league in 2014, reached number 35 on the front row at the same time all the top wide receiver, he is also the only player in cheap nfl jerseys from china history in career the first three seasons can be completed 80+ catches and the number of ball players 1000+ yards. The Qiang Wei Renton – Collins also attack the league’s best defensive player this season, this season he was the only one to get 3+ and 5+ steals sack player, and he 108 tackles ranking security guard in the National League in the first all, it is the heart and soul of the giants defensive group.

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