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Dilang’s body is strong, there is the ability to get rid of the right to advance. But in the two rounds, he has realized some packaging fans, because the team has already had Alon Jones and Jamal Williams, and the photographic does not require a high choice . But Green Bay Management stated that Dilan’s rolling level promotion capacity is really not to be missed.

Two-wheeled show running guard A.j. Dillen and packaging work signing a rookie contract

US time on Wednesday, the package is officially announced that it is signed with the second round of running guards this year. Dillen (A.j. Dillon) is signed, and Dillen himself also released a photo of the contract contract.

According to ESPN reporters, the team leader Matthew Slat has returned, which means that he will not play this week. Slate is hurt in the Sweet Race, and the only unfortunate unfortunate in the patriotic special group. They blocked the kick, and they got a failure to abandon kick (Muffed Punt: Failed to control the ball after the attack of the ball), and completed the 103 yards to return to the array. He has been absent from four games due to leg thread.

McNeel is the 3rd show, 1995, and his career has passed forward to the 31304 yard. There are 20 contestings in the regular season and playoffs, second only to Warren Moon (23). He was unfortunately killed in June 4, 2009.

CHRIS Hogan returned to the fox by shoulder injury, he was absent from the horses in the last week. Right cutamus Cannon has failed to participate in last week, and the ankle will restrict his actions this week. La Aderian Waddle will be substitute it.

Patriot specialist group captain and others have not trained

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Before going to the Mexican game this week, the new England Patriot will train in Colorado Springs to adapt to altitude. But injuries cause a number of players to absent.

Vikings announced in this year’s first-round draft pick to select wide receiver Justin – Jefferson (Justin Jefferson) has been placed in a new crown reserve list. Jefferson was placed in one of four Vikings players on the list, the other three were offensive tackle Blake – Brandell (Blake Brandel), security guard Brian – Cole (Brian Cole) and the offensive line players Taylor – Higbee (Tyler Higby).

After Titan moved from Houston to Tennessee, McNair and George had led the team to enter the team in 4 playoffs, and won the partition championship twice, 2 times into the United States, and entered a super bowl.

George is the first round show in 1996, the scorpion promotion code 10009 Primary team history first, the total promotion code 12153 is also the header of the team. He is the only player in the history of cheap nfl jerseys for eight consecutive seasons.

Titan will retreat Steve McNel, Eddie – George Gushing Number

On June 13, the United States time Wednesday, Taitan officially announced that Steve McNair’s 9th Rubsers and EDDIE George’s Jertine. The ceremony will be held at the home of the squad at 9.15.

The Vikings are not the only players to be placed in a new crown reserve list team. NFL television network correspondent – Tom Perry Thurow (Tom Pelissero) reported that a total of 18 players were placed in the list on Monday, they are: Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Ke Xiaoen show three – Vaughan (Ke & # 39; Shawn Vaughn); San Francisco 49ers external hands odd – James (Richie James); the Miami dolphins players Blake long to open – Ferguson (Blake Ferguson), defensive tackles Benito – Jones (Benito Jones) and cornerback Section De Leiya – 坦克尔斯利 (Cordrea Tankersley); Pittsburgh Steelers defensive 后卫阿里恩 – Springs (Arrion Springs); Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Luke – Baku (Luq Barcoo), defensive tackle up Wen – Hamilton (daVon Hamilton), cornerback Josiah – Scott (Josiah Scott) and the offensive line player Trevor – Wallace Simmons (Tre & # 39; Vour Wallace-Simms); A Chicago Bears running back Tavis – Pierce (Artavis Pierce); outside Indianapolis Colts took Malik – Henry (Malik Henry) and defensive backs Jackson – Porter (Jackson Porter); Buffalo Bills defensive 后卫伊赛亚 – Brown ( Isiah Brown).

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When I was interviewed before, Jones himself said welcomed Jones joined the team, which would also motivate themselves to improve their performance. Jones’s contract is about to enter the last year, if you can’t let it leave, Dillan can become insurance.

Titan Holder Amy Strunk said: “Steve and Eddie are the driving force for the end of the 1990s and early 2000 to lead Titan. They are the core and soul of the team, the two let The other players have become a better player, bringing success for the team. Their data will always have a team history record, but their actual performance and sacrifice will remember the fans. In order to thank everything they do, No. 9 and 27 will retire. “

McCaki himself denied these allegations, he was 30 years old this year, this year is the fourth season of his Bill. Before McCay was still playing six years in the eagle. Last season, McCay scorpion 287 times, pushed 1138 yards, achieved 6 reaches, he also completed 59 battles, advanced 448 yards, and achieved 2 reached.

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