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In the 14-year end of the past, Anderson took the team to win 20 wins and 29 negative records. His career started from Baltimore, followed by Five years for Cleveland, for 1 year for Arizona, for 1 year, for 7 years. His career passed the ball to get 10878 yards 60 times reached 64 passes were copied.

Elington is likely to be abandoned to be seen by other teams in other teams. He almost impossible to break through 600 yards in the early days of copying career, but he can provide a good short-term solution for the team that needs to build a more balanced offensive group.

Giants believe that Pierre can’t play this year.

Last week, New York giants finally had the opportunity to do physical examination for Jason Pierre-Paul, according to news, his hand is better than the team’s expectations, the team thinks he will be absent this season. the match of.

The black panther defensive group lost last season is the second more than the league, and the game is slightly better than the number of code data. The 374.5 yards are the tenth of the alliance. However, a bigger problem is that the black leopard defensive group is all young players.

US time Monday, Philadelphia management announced that they signed Tibo, but what is the difference now? Perhaps Kelly wants to build a four-point guard list? Or Kelly feels a lot of quadrant to ensure a first start?

Bear trust anti-defending line player Ratrilif

Afensive Front Player Jeri Mi Ratriliff (Jeremy Ratliff) Chicago Bear Career has ended. In the past three seasons, he only came to the team 17 times. On Tuesday, the team announced that he contained him, the reason was that the general manager of Ratrili and the team had a quarrel. Subsequently, the bear team announced that the front Pittsburgh’s first round of Shi Qi Qi Hu De (Ziggy Hood) entered the big list.

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Exclude Unstable Passing Ability, Tibo helped wild horses to gain the qualifications for the US semi-final, and then Kelly is this evaluation: “I am looking for a quadrant, he can run itself, but also will pass Ball, his arms need to be able to defeat your opponent, and we are not Tiibo type team, I don’t want my quarter to run 20 strong rush. “

At present, the giant cannot give the specific return date of this rushing, so the contract cannot be renewed in Piercolo can also put him on a non-football injury list and do not need to pay salary. He may be training recovery in Florida this season.

Among the 9 start players cheap jerseys from china the team, the core line Wei Luke-Chuckli retired, defending the end of Mario – Edison (Mario Addison) Add Buffalo, Safety Weirick – Eric REID is a free player. Instead of them are young players and rookies. This may be necessary to decide for the black panther, they need to consider the future.

It is more difficult for this task to be more difficult for the resort in the event that is affected by the epidemic. Phil Snow, New Defense Coordinator, is also facing this challenge, and he has to teach the players remotely. He needs to make a loss of 9 defensive groups who have been starting in the season.

“Hey, in this line, there is really no excuse, no one wants to listen to excuses & mdash; & mdash; we will not give them excuses,” Snow said. “Obviously, if we can train in the past two and a half months, the situation will be better, but the reality is the case.”

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Ryan Pace, general manager of the bear, said: “I think the team is the best choice for the team, and Jeremy is the best choice. We thank him for the contribution to the team, hoping his future Everything goes well. We feel very excited about Huude’s joining. “

As early as 2012, Ratrili had an explosive conflict in Jerry Jones, Dallas, Darlas. The 34-year-old veteran will be banned this season, and in the past two weeks. The bear team will be more dependent on Will Sutton, Jarvis Jenkins, and Xiu Eddie – EDDIE GOLDMAN.

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