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Wei Zhentai is troubled, and the lion is still shot down the jet

On September 29, Beijing time, at the morning, wholesale nfl jerseys fourth week, New York jet ushered in the challengers of the Challenge. Although the lion team is in a hurvar, Calvin Johnson is injured, it is not good, but the four-point guards Mattew Stafford performance is excellent, and the team is “shot down” at 24:17 Jet.

At the beginning of the game, the jet first started attacks, the team mainly relying on the EVIS Ivory, the outstanding playback of the running guard also gave a lot of pressure on the 4th 卫 基 诺 – Smith (SMITH) . After 5 minutes, successfully advanced to the red zone of the lion. But in the Detroit 9 code line stopped, the player won 3 points. But after this round of attack, the lion defensive group morale was large, and the jet didn’t have three transitions in the first half, and he didn’t have a one-end attack. In the second section, I entered the rhythm of the lion. First, the newly signed player completed a 51-yard shot. In 6 minutes, Stafford was 59 yards in a 59 yard, found Jeremi Rose ( Jeremy Ross, completed David, 10: 3 leading. Due to the state of the jet, the lion got a large number of balls. At half of the time, a 16-yard of the 16-yard Dali passed, found a new Xiu near the end of Eric Eric (Eric Ebron). 17: 3 Enter the second half.

The offense of the second half of the jet has rebounded, successfully defending the first attack of the lion, Smith began to force, and the team has completed a wave of 74 yards, short biography found Eric Dem (ERIC) Decker is completed. The lion is not willing to show weakness, completing a wave of 90 yards of Dalun promotion, 14 attacks, which completed three three-dimensional long distance conversion, and finally completed a 3 yard of the squid for 3 yards. The lion is temporarily leading to the fourth quarter. At this time, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping the jet fans didn’t want to see what happened. Smith’s pass was first copied by the lions, and the next round of Smith fell. The big population, the fans shouted “changed to the vision!” Smith’s total number of copies is the whole league. In the game, there was still a 9 minutes of the game, Kris Johnson, called “Light Speed”, completed a 35-yard mushroom, New York 17:24, and saw hope. However, Smith’s pass is not over, the defensive group does not prevent the three-speed conversion of the lion. The lion won the victory, and the 3 wins and wholesale cheap football jerseys 1 negative are temporarily realized in the north of the country.

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The Lion Team Stafford 34 passed the 24 times, promoted 293 yards, twice to reach the ball, a mushroom to reach. Johnson did not have too much play time, complete twice, 12 yards. Extended cheap football jerseys from china the defending champion Seattle Hawks, Gorden Tate, 8th, 8 times, pushed 116 yards. The team is home to the array of Faro Bill next week.

In terms of jets, Smith has completed 17 times, promoted 209 yards, once again, once was copied, and the ball was dropped once. Aivoli pushes 84 yards. Deml 4 bought a 48 yard. The team continuously on the Oasis Bay packaging workers, Chicago Bear, and Detroit Lions in the North District of the North District of the North District. The following will continue to the San Diego lightning, Danfo wild horse, and new England Patriots team.

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