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Bofeikete said he thought the hit was legal. He said the rules state that as long as there is no bump to the head can hit the catcher in the line of scrimmage five yards. He thinks he hit a shoulder instead of the head and Sherman Sherman expressed himself after the crash also said that this is the second legal collision.

The Lion Director does not forgive the rude move of the centerJim Caldwell, the main coach, Dominic Raiola, Jim Caldwell, did not say much, he refused this action as “dirty”. But in an interview, he still feels unhappy at this time.

NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Bofeikete due time for the Kansas City Chiefs fullback Anthony in the second preseason – Sherman (Anthony Sherman) impact facing ban . The video shows the first game when Chiefs quarterback Alex in this game – Smith (Alex Smith) pass to tight end Travis – when Kells (Travis Kelce), Bofeikete impact the unsuspecting Sherman.

Arizona Renary continues to find the future four-point guardThe red rickets are also clear, Carson Palmer’s career is approaching. According to Steve Kem (Steve Keim) according to General Manager of President, Parm also intends to guide a young quadrant, so in the end of the Palmer career, it is necessary to find a successor. .

San Francisco 49 people activate line Wei Baoman enters a big listIn the face of the decision to be activated or put in the post-injury reserve list, the 49 people of San Francisco have been determined to gain the line to guard the Navorro Bowman to activate the big list.

Bengals linebacker Von Taze – Bofeikete face five-game suspension penaltiesIn preseason play, Tigers linebacker von Grindsted – Bofeikete (Vontaze Burfict) completed a 62 yards steals Press touchdowns. When he jumped into the stands to celebrate, waving his hands.

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In the past ten years, the red tones are doing good for the old four-point guard (Palmer, Cote-Warner) refreshing, but the rookie eyes are not enough (Matt Leinart] John Skeelton [John Skelton], Ryan Lindley [Ryan Lindley], Loan Thomas]), the transaction level is not awkward (Kevin Kuben [Kevin Kolb]).

Steel people: this – Rosrisberg 20 passed 14, advanced 221 yards, complete 3 remedies; Levian-Bell 23 sho pushed 120 yards, completed 1 time, 4 games to advance 22 Code; Antonio – Brown 5 times ahead of 91 yards, complete 3 rendered array; Radarus Green twice to catch 67 yards.

The head coach Bruce-Alianz said: “There are five or six armions in this selection. We need to find such quarter-free, have to see if there is no potential, but being attacked The talent of the hind leg is toned. “

According to NFL official website reporters, the Alliance does not plan to punish the Rairira for a fine or banned. Despite the fightening, Raoxa’s behavior still incurred his opponent and some media criticism. For the lions, this is a game that loses people. This season, the performance of the lion exceeds everyone expectations, but the recent losers let them fall into the dilemma. Kadville naturally does not want to interfere with such issues in such a key moment.

At the time of being asked and the team was once in the game, Kadville said that some of the players said “unable to be forgiven”. In addition to the blocking of Rajora, C.J. Mosley’s personal foul is also mentioned. Although Kadville expressed its dissatisfaction, he then said that the team would not punish any player.

12 weeks of 2016, 12th Night Night: Steelman “Trident” is given, the horseman ThanksgivingThe best thanks to the Thanksgiving Day, the first Detroit Lion at home 16:13 San Niituda Viking, sitting in the first partition; the second Dallas denim 31:26 defeated Washington red skin, gaining 10 consecutive victories. The third competition Indianapolis Pony home welcomes the Pittsburgh steel man, because the Pony 4-point guardian Druk (Andrew Luck) is defective, this game is from Scott Tolzien. Start.

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But since he has been activated, he can start training on the field. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that he will participate in training or play the game. Although 49 people originally planned to return to the competition in the middle of the season, it is impossible to ensure that Bowman can return.

Today, the Tigers have cornerback Adam – Jones (Adam Jones) due to violation of regulations facing personal conduct 1-game suspension. Bofeikete ban for the Tigers defense group is a big blow. Bofeikete last season due to multiple opponents crashing been banned for three league games. He has become synonymous with fierce strike over the years so he paid a hefty fine.

The beginning of the pony is not smooth, and the four gears in front of the end areas do not have a uncomfortable, Wholesale jerseys Torkien and Philip-Dorsett are also annoyed. Then there are no trees, but the steel man is slammed Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mitchell, completes the copy, all the way to attack 26 yards. After the steel person offensive group came back, the hand was hot, and the Rarese-Green completed the 35-yard pass connection, and the last Brown’s 22-yard running end ended. The score came to 28-7. After coming, Toripan’s second CD (Garace completed copying) directly broke the hope of winning only. After the official suspension, the steel man and the pony have successively sect the end of the replacement announcement.Seven Things Twitter Wants Yout To Neglect About Cheap Nfl Jerseys

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