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Brises who have long working for the New Orleans will have been free players on Wednesday. He is expected to stay in the Saint unless there is no predictable accident. We might find the signs of Viking want to dig the wall.

39-year-old Bris did not show some signs of decline. The success rate of his pass last season reached 72%, and the 4334 yards were obtained for 23 times to 8 times. The number of times the number and the number of codes are only slightly lower than his usual data, but the Saint Offense Group last season is the most balance since the 2009 Championship season.

In theory, the saints completed a good signing. The best season of Brisco Career has been supported by the Best of the Alliance, and the support of the best shock attack & mdash; & mdash; this is what the saints attack should do. In theory, Peterson may also help make a defensive group in reconstruction and extend offensive time.

Dalton’s six-year 96 million US dollars originally entered the last year, salary of US $ 17.7 million. In the nine years of tiger effectiveness, Dalton records 70-61-2, and he has joined five times to enter the playoffs, but it has not been reactive. At present, his passage of the ball (204) is the first of the team, the pass advancement code (31594) is also the second.

Lynch also said he did not blame the coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll), he said: “I do not mind in determining the tactics, who would think that I came to the ball I do not know what caused. that tactic, I mean, I could not let the ball better now. I am very satisfied with my teammates, because we tried our best, if you ask me if I wanted to get the ball it? Yes, I am willing. “

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“I imagine my own standing in Dru-Bris, it is like & lsquo; wow, how do your opponents do? & Rsquo;” Peterson said. “So I am very excited about the first week, I can start the journey and see how the opponent will defense.”

Smith’s ball shock is no longer as threatening as in the past, and it is reported that he is not suitable for the defensive end of the Patriot 3-4 defense. 34-year-old Kelly recovered from the knee torn torn. The patriot is not sufficient in the defensive cut-off position, but it is apparent that Kelly can’t help them. According to ESPN reporter Mike Reiss, Anderson’s location bench is very strong, and he can’t work in the special group. However, the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Smith and Kelly may still return to the patriot after the first week of regular season, when their contracts will become a non-guaranteed income contract.

4 years agoLast week, Lynch was interviewed by North American television, full exchange of nearly 30 minutes, the program is organized by the AFWB to help the development of football in Turkey, in an interview last attack Lynch talked about the Super Bowl: “To be honest, I do not want lie, I was really thinking of that ball, but you know that’s life anything can happen, as I said to the reporters after the game and this is a team sport. “

Wens – Wilfu: It can also have a few years of excellent play.Vince Wilfork will enter your own 13th NFL season, and it is also the 2nd season of Houston Texas, and this big child has not planned to hang boots.

Peterson wants to work with Brisse: How to defense against your opponent?Adrian Peterson is now a member of the New Orleans. Without a number of words, he is very optimistic about the prospects of Drew Bris (Drew Brees). He is willing to share the opportunity of the polve with teammates and his knees are no longer painful.

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According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte (ADAM SCHEFTER), defensive end Edge Wil-Smith (Will Smith), defensive cutoffa Tommy – Kelly Kelly and Line Wend James Anderson The day was cut off by the patriot. These three players have a total of 295 games, but they are all located at the bottom of the depth of lineup.

The patriot has cut off Wilfolk last year, indicating that he is close to your career. However, this body weight 325 pound defensive pointer last season for Texas people’s first 16 games. Last season, he fell to him & mdash; & mdash; he got 22 hugs & mdash; & mdash; but he is still a key member of Texas defensive front line, cheap Jerseys especially in lightning. Whoever is a problem in the defensive end position, the Texas needs Wafu, and the Texas requires Vilfolk to dedicate a two seasons to stabilize the frontline defensive seven people.

Wilfolk, who is 35 years old this year, believes that he can complete a few performances. Wilfolk said to Houston media, I asked my teammates when I was in New England Patriots, and I was also the current Texas humanoid coach Mike Vrabel. When he knew to retire.

He also said: “This is a good situation for me. Obviously, I visited Seattle Hawks and New England Patriots. I also plan to visit several times after the election. But in the end, I influented me to make a decision. I have a comfortable feeling when I visited. I have this feeling when I visit the Saint. It is my feelings you want to hopatically … I feel love and energy. “

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