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Although it is not the same year, Mahmus and Mefield estimates will become a pair of unspeakable names. The fate of the two begins in the university. At that time, Mahms of Texas University of Science and Technology made the 1279 yards and 12 times of arrival of 1279 yards and 12 times!

NFL investigation patriot dressing room staffFox Sports reported that NFL has found a new England Patrioper locker staff, which is considered to bring the ball to other places from the road to the ground to the scene with the ball from the referee cover room.

McCay said: “When this level of players leave, there should be no one to wear their numbers. This is a respectful expression. I have been one of the best players there, I will not say this, but today I can’t help but. This proves how much respect for me is to do to me, and it is only a number, but it is very much more imagination. It is respectful, and it is also proved that the pirate should thoroughly Separate. The seasons are probably not honored me. “

It is also mentioned in the report that Claie is also willing to sign shortings with teams with competitive superb bowls. “If you enter the playoff team last year, he can help improve the competitive level team is willing to give him a good year contract & hellip; & hellip; he will be very happy.”

“We are very excited to join Robert joined Cleveland,” said Hue Jackson, “said. “He brought our team to our team. He is a young, sports ability, and talent, and he is really starting at this league. Just like every player of our team, Robert Take every opportunity he got. He will compete with other four-point guard in the array, he can help improve our quadrant conference room, this is one of my goals in this position. This is a Special places, we want to put special people special players in this place. “

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NFL released a statement on investigating work last Friday, indicating that they had already conducted nearly 40 times at that time. The patriots take over Matthew – Matthew Slat, saying that NFL players advise the Patriot player not to discuss the ongoing investigation.

However, denim and Saints current salary space may not be able to meet Clailni, cowboy is only about $ 11.3 million, and the saints are only $ 8.8 million. Although Claie has lowered his own price, his ideal annual salary is still at 1700-18 million US dollars.

[Star Guide] # 15: Patrick – Mahomus’s 8 sides, do you know?In the 15th week of the regular season, this week’s focus is the best two teams of the United States of America’s records & mdash; & mdash; Direct dialogue in Kansas City Chief and Los Angeles. Although the record is divided into two two in the United States, because the two teams are the United States of America, it is likely that a team is a number one seed, and another team can only be out of the card. For both parties, this direct conversation is a fight.

However, Mahms did not disappoint him. Recommended Looking at present, “Xiaoma” passes 4300 yards, and there are 43 pass to reach, and the two data are ranked first in the Alliance. Even if the chief does not become the best team of the full-League regular season, Mahms also has a big chance to become a regular game MVP.

Exposure giants have tried to translate the right of Frighs during the draftNew York Giants have been willing to deal the right cutier Eric Flars during the draft. But some of them did not succeed because of the reason for the price.

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Cliffland Brown announced that they signed Griffin. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Griffin’s contract was 2 years, worth $ 15 million, including $ 6.75 million security income. Lat Portport also said that Griffin will earn $ 7.5 million in next season, of which $ 3.5 million is a signature bonus.

The Brown high-level is considered to be able to introduce an experienced quarter-free to create a lineup. According to the length of the contract length and the team’s high-level evaluation, Brown is now a Griffin team. However, this is to let the experts who predict the draft show headache. Many experts believe that Brown will pick four-point guard with a list of eyeks, and Brown has closely observed several four-point guards that are considered to have the best level. Griffin wants to go to a team, if Brown selection a four-point guard in the election of the elevation, Griffin has to face and in the red skin. However, Griffin has already said that if Brown is selected, it is willing to help newcomers grow.

McCoo said that he understood the needs of the anti-defeat line of the sea, but the number of the players who had only signed a contract with only one year. I didn’t have this kind of pirate, Warren Sapp, Ronde Barber, Lee Roy Selmon and John Lynch (John Lynch) Both are “victims.

According to informed people, the giant hopes to get a middle section of the selection right as a return. However, due to Flath’s performance and contract, such a price is too high for other teams, without the team is willing to carry out such a transaction.

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