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US Time Wednesday, Brian Gaine, General Manager of Texas, told reporters that his policy is not allowed to discuss contracts in season. If the first week of the regular season, the two sides did not agree on the contract, the next negotiations will be the first to last January.

Brown has multiple core players in the future to renewand & mdash; & mdash; including angle Ward, Denzel Ward, 4-point Baker Bayek, Melfield (Nick Chubb) Therefore, they need to take advantage of the online market and have not been further raised before and Garley.

The red skin will fight again, this attack, two files 6 yards, Coossin flexible footsteps, successfully connected with Jackson, in the face of the Haiying area defense, Jackson a fake action runs to open money, is a deep The route directly won the 60-bit quadrant, and Jackson has entered NFL in 2008 to reach the 19th 50+ yards, and the two sides battle into 17: 7.

Redskins requirements broker transactions or laid off left tackle Trent Williams – WilliamsLeft tackle Trent Williams – Williams (Trent Williams) wants to leave Washington Redskins, and now he publicly expressed.

During the NFL comprehensive survey of the camp, the team’s new coach Ron – Rivera (Ron Rivera) and Williams said he has talked to, he believes the current situation “will always change.” Although some people think Redskins management shake-up may make reconciliation between the parties, but now it seems not the case.

There are 7 pieces of standard leggings, 2 protective knees, 2 protection thighs, 2 protects both sides of femur, 1 protect the tail vertebra. There have been some outer joins to wear legs for running faster, which is prohibited by the Alliance.

Gayn also said: “(I like him) height, weight and speed. Brightly data, excellent performance, can not ignore the bobbinability, this guy has a few destructive. We are working hard to consolidate the position of the core player I hope he can become one of them. “

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“Despite the clear differences irreconcilable between the two sides, Washington can not (or unwilling) to trade negotiations involving Williams. Williams and his team then gave the agent the right to seek trading under the house. Williams the broker offers trading options to the team, but the Redskins did not reflect the interest in good faith negotiations, in fact, the team wants to return for the transaction has not been given the same requirements. “

Breddy won 184 yards in the first half of the second half, did not reach, and sent a copy. However, at the end of the game, his data was 466 yards, twice forwarded to reach. A slightly more common sense can see the difference in data.

The above is a standard dress of a American football player, and it will be banned by any one. Some athletes can reasonably increase protection according to their own needs. For example, the outer junction will increase the backplane, and some of the players will be edited by the festival support equipment.

The patriot has completed the 95-speed attack by frequent and efficient anti-limbs of the Falcon. Anti-watching falcon, offensive group only appeared 46 files. Campbell did not think that the lack of experience (4 people in the defensive group were new) was the cause of the second half of the game. He also doesn’t think herself is blown “interference” is a correct penalty. “I think it is a wonderful defense, but it is very clear that the referee doesn’t think so.”

Cleveland Brown and Chong Hand Magas Galt began to renew negotiationsAccording to informed people, Cleveland has begun to renew the negotiation with the MYLES GARRETT, which is expected to have a huge renewal contract.

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The Hawow is fighting again, and it has been abandoned. But kicking the other party 1 code line, the red skin begins to attack from the 1 yard line, the same three offensive failure can not rush through the 10 yards, I have to give up the kick, the Hawk this time due to a draw I was fined 10 yards, but I didn’t attack the kick. The red skin was first attacked. Under Shelman, Jackson changed to the 22 yards, and then Herrum was taken by the negative code Two gears 15, then Wagner raided four-dimensional war, three files 23 yards, eventually failed to complete the first success, disconnected, the sea eagle offense did not have to abandon the kick, the red skin attacked Mo Lissen 300 after entering the fourth game.

The armor of American football equipment is diverse, in order to be designed for different locations. However, the protection range contains front chest, backup, shoulders. The guards of the front line thicker, the outer hand and quadrant pay more attention to the extension of the shoulder site.

There are still 3 minutes and 35 seconds, Washington red leather did not choose gambling kick, the turn to the Haiye 20 yard line started attack, Lin Qi three continuous rush to 50 yards, after a suspension, three files 4 yards Wilson under pressure Move, Wholesale Jerseys escaped three defensive front lines pursuit, high difficulties found Lin Qi, the latter went to the horse without stopping 30 yards and stopped in the boundary, and paused at two minutes, Wilson and Linqi were in this last one. The wave offensive is stable and stabilized, and finally this wave offensive shot, 27 to 17 lead 4 points.

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