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Austin is also likely to be a team’s abandonment. Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President, said that it is expected to make the Aust Tingfield touch 12-24 times. This is quite a lot, because Austin has been a rebound in the ram, and the game is 7.5 times.

During high school, Pender had received a state of 100 meters and 400 meters. Although he has not fully studied the method of clearing the rogue running, he believes that he can complete the leap in two years.

Dulan Carter is a son of CRIS CRIS CARTER. It is one of the hottest external hands of the Canadian professional football league this season. His total sphere in the past two years reached 1939 yards. Such performance also makes many teams coveted, it is reported that Viking, Black Leopard, Chief Heroes and Brown are intended to recruit it.

4-point Wei Alex-Smith announced retirement

US Time Monday, 4-point Wei Alex Smith announced decision decision. This priority show is a total of 16 years in the Alliance, but also completed almost impossible regression after encountering serious leg injury.

According to the provisions, Carter must wait until February 10th will be signed with the NFL team, but the Star reported that Carter has a unique clock, he believes that cooperation with Andrew Luck will maximize its potential to maximize its potential. Let yourself get water like a fish in the game. Carter’s largest hidden dangers are always on the time of the sputum, but because the two outer hands in the pony team, Hakeem Nicks and Leiji Wayne have expired another Faced with retirement, the team urgently needs to replenish fresh blood in the free market.

Green: I will play at the last week

This week, Sincona will compete with Pittsburgh steel people to compete for partition championships, and take over A.j.- Green (A.j. Green) Naturally does not want to absence such an important game. In Monday night, the tiger defeated Denver wild horses in 37-28, but because of T.J.-Wald (T. J. Ward), Green Right arm was injured and left in advance.

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Front NFL External Hand Person is looking forward to the Paralympics

After the NFL spent five seasons, the rapetics of the ram were taken in Saiah PEAD, which had a serious car accident, and had to cut off a leg. Although this is a period of writing to his wholesale nfl jerseys career, it does not stop him from active in sports.

Smith said: “Although I can continue to play, I can’t wait to explore new options for the game. But first, I want to enjoy the feeling of walking with my wife, but also for the children Bring a surprise. “

After the right leg tibia, after the fracture of the tibia, Smith received 17 operations due to injury infection, almost facing the fate of amputation. Last season he made a final six game for Washington, 5 wins and 1 loss, helping the team to win the national partition champion.

Green said that he accepted X-ray detection when he was half a field, and the test results were negative. But because of pain, he chose to watch the battle. This season, Green has been troubled by injuries, and there is still 50 yards in the distance. But as long as Green can go to the field, he is the tactical core of the team’s pass attack.

If you win this week’s game, the tiger will have a chance to become a seed, thus in the first round of rounds in the playoffs. But if you lose the game, they will challenge the Indianapolis horses in the outer card with the identity of the No. 5 seed. Green said: “My injury is not serious, although some pain, but does not affect the game. I will play in the last week, we will also win the game.”

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Special Series: Texas play the ball kickshami-Philbun (IMI Fairbairn). Philbien was attempted to hit 13 this month. Although 13 additional shooting is missing once, I don’t cover up. This Hawaii player was 37 times in the game, broke the team history record of Nick Novak.

In a two-minute video of Instagram, Smith said he decided to retire, hoping to spend more time with his family. Before the last month was cut off by Washington, Smith had won the NFL 2020 season Dongshan again player award.

Defense: Bier Wire Titremein – Tremunds. In the last five games in 2018, Edmmond was completed 43 times, 2 copies, and killing once. His leadership will condense teammates. In the final game, Edmmond was completed once, once killed, 12 times (the highest season).

Special service: 49 people play the ball Robs – Robbie Gould. Gulder 10 times this month of this month, attempts and 5 additional shootings, and wrote a good end of the 14th NFL season. He kicked off the sea-eagle to win the hopes in the 15th week. Gould be 97.1% of any spherical hit in the whole year, and the union is the first.

Offensions: Sea Eagle runs to Kieson Carson (Chris Carson). Carson’s December field can drive the ball to 103.2 yards, reaching it once. Since 2014, Marshawn Lynch, Haiying’s first squad is more than a thousand yard. Similar to Linqi, Carson also has excellent ability to get rid of the hug and promote the number of codes. His large number of large numbers is almost coming from contact. Russell Wilson also benefited from this, passing the ball easily and robust. In the 16th week, he was talented navigate to this website the chief, and the game of the ticket was locked in the season, the Caminson was 116 yards, reached 2 times.

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