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Recently, Yahoo Sports Media reported that Hawks may be willing to pay Lynch 11 million to 12 million US dollars, with a contract with a 9 million dollars to prepare for the 2016 season. This new 2-year contract approaches $ 10 million per year, which is incredible for today’s NFL running salary.

Of course, Lin Qi has proven that he is the most valuable player outside the four-point guard. Last season he completed 1673 yards, 17 reached, helping the team defending 2 National Federation, and his holding offense occupied by 26% of the team’s total number.

About cowboy’s transaction tendency, Cheap jerseys Parport made as follows: “In my comment, what do they do now. Because first, they still have to get Dak Prescott. Before this & hellip; & hellip; they won’t sign the fertilizer with another player, it is impossible. “

However, Peterson only proved his value for a week. In the game with the Detroit Lion last week, Peterson holds 31 times, rushing out of 192 yards. Mike Qimmer, Mike Qimmer, said: “I like him to run. His mushroom is very strong, can still be promoted in the event of physical confrontation.”

Li Jet: Piteson is still the strongest running guard

The Minnesotaviki Run Defen Peterson has experienced a troubles of trouble, and this year’s snaps were rolled into the team rumored, this star player who was absent 15 games last season was this season. The first show is 10 times, only 31 yards. This also makes people can’t help but doubt. Pitters is still the Pipeson.

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Viking will meet San Diego lightning this week. Lightning Defensive Didway Department of Light, Corey Liget, believes Peterson is still the strongest running guard: “He proved that he was still the best running guard in the alliance.” This game is inevitable. Think of the first game of Piteson’s career for the first time. As a rookie, Pete creates a record in the game of 296 yards to help the team 35-17 overcome the opponent.

Black Leopard offensive coordinator Mike Shula recently said that the black panther added a number of running guards / outer jokes, I hope that Newton will be more relaxed next season, you can imitate Brradi in the super bowl with James – White (James WHITE) and DiON Lewis, these three were completed 15 times in 19 times, and 112 yards were obtained.

Black Leopard hopes Kam – Newton learning Brradi pass

The entire offensive period of the Black Panther said that it is necessary to improve his offensive group, and the focus is of course how to let Kam Newton & Hellip; & hellip; to Braddy.

In the 8 cheap nfl jerseys season he served as a coordinator, the total number of collections were ranked 22.4 digits, scored 18.9 bits. Among them, 8 yards were 8 in 22, and 6 were scored in 18 or less. The only two items entered the top three were in the 2015 season, the black panther kills into the super bowl.

Labott said: “The jet also wants to complete the length, but like other NFL teams, they must first ensure that they can act according to planning, the new season will start normally, and then negotiate the renewal. Adams I certainly hope now It is unobsive to be a row, but it seems unlikely. “

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