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[Play in the playoffs] Minnesota Viking

Viking people in the last week were unaffected in the playoffs, the choice of witty, the choice of the choice of their main players, and finally they were at home with 19-21, but in the playoffs. Lost too much practical significance. Next, they should face the top of the League’s team’s New Orleans Saints, how to win the game in the outer pulley is their primary task.

The good news is two weeks ago, wholesale nfl jerseys Dalvin Cook will return in the playoffs, and Cook has achieved 13 Dove Ranked League in the regular season 1135 yard. His regression will provide a great help to Viking’s pavement offensive. In the passing of the ball, the four-point Wei Koke Cossus is successful in most of the season and the passing of Stefon Diggs. In the 7th week, because of the external hand of the calf muscle straw tie – Belon (ADAM THIELEN) also announced that the state begins slowly.

The entire Means of Discount Nfl JerseysViking people have eight games in the competition in this season, this is the highest record since Mike Zimmer coached Viking, and the record in these eight games in these eight games 7 wins and 1 loss, and Mike Zimmer advice team scored more than 28 minutes in regular season with 28 wins and 3 losses 1 flat.

Attacks, defensive aspects are getting worse. In the 2017 season, Viking is only 25.2% in the face of the other three-stop conversion; rising to 30.5% in 2018. This season is again raised to 39.7% in the 19th place in the League, facing the owner Kamara. The top running guards of the league, the ground defense of Viking needs to seek more ways.

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1, the biggest advantage: fake delivery attack

Cook Averaged average the 5.6 yards of the total number of integrated numbers per time, and the fourth of all the Junwei, which also brought more fake delivery opportunities for Coss, this season. Cousins ​​completed 14 fake delivery to Dagua and Ramar Jackson;

2, the four-point guardian of the stability, with the traditional offensive model of the pavement, plus the exquisite offensive weapons, and Viking people have the most stable offense of the National United Nations;

3, almost unreasonable to complete 35% application pressure, top safety and baking, Viking anti-transmission equipped with almost no weak loop;

4, pavement attack + defense, perfect playoffs mode;


1, the biggest disadvantage: corner guard defense

84.3% The highest ending ball success rate, and in the playoffs, in the face of the Saint-League, cheap jerseys online legit the performance of Michael Thomas, this performance

2, unparalleled offensive front line, make itself a steady attack to suddenly have a sudden change;

3, the attack is too strong, and the sharpness of the lack of fall behind;

4, two corners of Weelway Rhodes and Tre-Wayne crucial moments, can always release large size, defense time bombs.

Key Star:

Kirk Coss:

The second, passing the success rate of Viking this season, the second, and the team is the team’s four-point guard, Kirk Cousins, the quarter of Cousins ​​this season The guards are as high as 107.4, and the Ranking League is fourth. The three-year 84 million four-year-assigned five-year-off-assorted three years has finally played their own value.

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Dalvin Cook: Cook 250 pushes 1135 yards in the regular season, the 1135 yard, the fourth place, and his return will provide a lot of help to Viking’s pavement offensive. Another one Running Samson returned from the bunt sprain, just like the Cook said “We encourage each other during the injury, training in recovery together, I am very healthy, I am very healthy, there is nothing to stop me back Go to the venue

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