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Larry Fitzgerald has always been respected by players, and is considered one of the most gentlestant players on the field, while JJ-Watwatt is selected and recently helped. Tens of millions of donations have a relationship.

Daniel career has been in 2 games, obtain 480 yards, and the pass rate is 65.4%. As an alternative to Drew Brit (Drew Brees, Daniel is very familiar with the attacking system of Saints. He completed the 12515 yard pass on the University of Missouri, got 101 reached, and the pass rate of 68%.

The Evolution Of Wholesale JerseysHowever, Zengde Angelo Williams, who had been in two years, is not intended to Cobert, and he said in the tweet: “Please explain to me why it is because When he (Bell) returned, he would be the most dynamic person in the team. “

Lari-Fitzgerade and JJ-Watt fans most welcome playersUS Time Wednesday, NFL News The fans conducted by E-Poll announced the list of fans welcomed players in the 2017 season, and the score of the list is fans recognition, fans and other classifications.

If there is no exceptional performance in the surplus competition last season, the second ban may mean the end of Collinsian player career. But after the last season, there were no several defensive players more valuable than Collins in the last season, especially in the first corner of Desmond Trufant.

The patriot’s first week of the game is destined to be difficult, running guards and external hands have important players, which also makes it particularly important to the offensive front line. Compared with the stable intervene, the inner front line hides hides.

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But fortunate, there is still two preseason games, which will be filtered with more stringent standards in the game. From the competition, who is right for the team, who can be available, who is not suitable. However, the real situation does not necessarily want to think, after all, the schedule is very important, each decision is very important.

Atlantian Femplay Eagle Giaman – Collins was banned 10 gamesOn August 7th, when the three-grade corner of Atlantan Falcon, Jalen Collins ushered in another new season, he once again faced the difficult start.

The patriot is first in the center to confirm the misreadingTom Brady returned to the first, but his offensive team teammates were repeatedly injured. The patriot official announced that the team’s first round of Bryan Stork did not pass the thumbnome detection of the Alliance, which will not be able to play in the Thursday Night Tournament with Pittsburgh Steelman.

“We feel extremely disappointed with Jarren’s second session,” THOMAS DIMITROFF “said in the official statement. “This is the consequences after some choice. We will make decisions based on the principles of the most favorable team interest in the future.”

The old Eagle has to minimize the list of 90 people to 75, eventually minus to 53 people, they face more difficult choices than other alliance teams, because there are too many players who are worth retaining in their list, no one is reluctant.

The eagle is facing a difficulty in choosing a difficulty. Who will miss it.Philadelphia Eagle has just completed this year’s first round of trading & mdash; & mdash; Jason Phillips exchanged the Black Leopard’s Runja-Barnjon Barner. This is the easiest in all choices, Barna is also very willing.

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General Manager of Steel Man: Bell does not participate in training will only hurt himselfBeijing August 11th, the Run Vervie – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) is still not reported to the Pittsburgh’s steel training camp. Kevin Colbert, general manager of the team, said it would only hurt himself.

“So he does not come to participate in training to him. Because he can’t cooperate with teammates, he cannot participate in the physical and strength training required for an excellent 2017 season. And Cheap jerseys he can’t cooperate with teammates to familiarize the attack tactics & mdash; & mdash; annual Tactics are different. “

Bell currently did not sign a privileged label contract, so he would not be fined because of the absence of training camp. However, due to the deadline has passed, he can’t get a long-term renewal contract in this season.

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