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The Lazy Man's Guide To Wholesale JerseysNew Just’s Chartered 4 games for patriots, 8 arbitrage shoots were successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully, and 16 additional shot was successfully successfully 15 times. In Sunday winning Brown game, New Just’s four times arbitrary shot attempt failed twice: a 29-yard attempt was caught, and a 34-yard attempt was overwhelmed.

At Pert and Brown, Pleier is signed and trying to let him transform to take over, they are of course a mentality of the speculative. Now, it seems that Pleier’s opportunity is less and less. He did not appear in two in front of Brown, and the layoffs at the end of this month were nearby.

Brown coach: Plar’s leventions are decreasingCleveland Brown Mike Mike Pettine has issued a warning on the future of Treel Plele Pryor after the end of Saturday, but it is difficult for players to be used by the clutter. .

Five years ago, Newton once made his own superman in the league killing special kill, and taking the team all the way to the fifty super bowl. When he was cut by the Black Panther, he had previously expired with the team’s $ 103.8 million contract with the team.

NFL new season referee list confirmed, three pairs of father and sonNFL announced today that three newcomers will be added in the list of 124 people in 2016. Three people Allen Ak (ALAN ECK), Jerod Phillips, Cheap Jerseys From China NCAA BIG 12, Ramon George from the Conference USA Division.

According to media reports, White has a sign of Azheimeria (commonly known as old age dementia) two months ago. He said: “I don’t feel surprised, (after the nuclear magnetic resonance scan) On the way home, the doctor gave me a call and explained the condition. I have only half the part of my hypothalamus. “

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This is the fifth single game of Cousins ​​Career, at least 3 passes is copied. And he already has two such performances this season. In the 6 games in this season, Coss is already 10 times of passing. Last season, he had only 6 passions in the first 15 games. In the 2017 season, he had 13 passes in 16 games, and it is the most career. In accordance with the current rhythm, Cossus is 26.6 times of passing this season.

White is a Viking of 1969, in the twainst season, won the National Federation championship in the rookie season, but lost to the Kansas City chief in the Super Bowl 7-23. He has a total of 9 seasons for Viking people, and the last three years will be selected for professional bowl.

Newton has answered with his own unique Mars font on social media: “There are not many things to buy, but they respect one of the most eager things! For me, this matter is on Not important, it is important to get respect. “

As an external hand, it is tricky to recover from the leg gluten injury. But when you are a player who is transientting to take over, & mdash; just like Pleier & mdash; & mdash; this is definitely a completely different and difficult challenge.

“The reality is if I continue to pass on the current rhythm, I may lose the position before the end of the season,” Cousins ​​said. “I may lose the position & mdash; & mdash; do you understand what I mean? I need to have a better performance in some places. Whether they tell me, & lsquo; Hey, we have to make better & rsquo; or they forced me; It is better to show. This is the focus of my remaining competition in the season. Because when you fill the ball, this is really affecting the opportunity you win. I know this. I just have to be A better performance in the rest of the season. “

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Front Viking Made White Azheimeria In the 17 seasons, the Made in Friend, Ed White, played for Viking and Lightning, four times selected a super bowl, four times, all-in-PRO. He has also selected the two teams’ respective 40th anniversary commemorative teams, also selected “50 the greatest Minnesota Weinan players in 2010”.

To prevent history from being repeated again, Viking four points Wei Koke Coss, Kirk Cousins ​​knows that he needs to be easily passed to the opponent hand. In the 23-40 losses of Atlanta Falcon, Cousins ​​has three passing.

It is still in the past two years in the past two years. The performance of Newton has been no longer the windy superman. Now Newton’s goal is to restore health and return to the peak of career in patriots.

17 of the 17-year-old NFL officials, who have already blown a total of 28 seasons of Walt Coleman, will return. In many referees, there are 3 pairs of fathers and sons, are Walter-Colomman and Walter, Coleman, Ed Hochuli and Shawn Hochuli, History Steve Freeman and Brad Freeman.

In the list of referees, only Steve Fremman and Phil McKinnely two people have played an NFL competition as a player. Fremman played a 13-season defensive second line in NFL, McKinnille started a 7-year competition in the alliance since 1976.

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