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Sean – Payton Man Zeer explain why the appointment during the Super Bowl

During the Super Bowl, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean – Payton (Sean Peyton) met with former first-round pick player Johnny – Man Zeer (Johnny Manziel).

Sean said: “The situation is completely different, I did not participate in the 2014 draft thing, the Houmanzeer left the coalition, I met him and then ate breakfast together during the Super Bowl, I am curious to know some of his things , what he is doing, so that they have once again attracted wholesale nfl jerseys teams value. for me it was a chance to meet him, but met with free agent and is completely different, this is the first time I saw him. “

Dako-PlesttTerate clarification of signature events

Beijing July 10, Dallas Cowbi’s quarter-Prescott recently received attention from public opinion because of its partial signature card from the machine signature.

Panini America said they will stop sending cards to 110 consumers, but 167 cards have been sent to consumers. And the company is committed to replacing all the cards, ensuring that Plescet is signed, and the replacement card will be all in the form of hologram, which is different from the old card.

Glaham recovery training this week or will appear

Although it takes 2-3 weeks of recovery time for the shoulders of the Saint Super Cloud Graham. However, it is apparent that Graham’s recovery ability exceeds previous estimates.

Malsh’s grievances may be self-restricted. He was traded by Hawks to Patriots in September last year, in exchange for a five-round siling. It seems that the head coach Bill Belichick is planning to use him to strengthen the booth. But Bellchk did not let him hit the side speed type of the self-heed.

Former patriots members: there is no fun there

After the patriot played 9 games, the old defending Didwood Card Wah Malsh (Cassius Marsh) was abandoned by the team, and then 49 people received him. Malsh recalled that the time of playing the patriot is very bad.

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“I believe that any of our actions is very bright. Anything will notify the referee before the start of the game. You know, the referee will often ask you if you have any special or different things before the game, even though I am not present at the time. But I can make sure the team has always been communicated with them. “

As for the reach of Nate Solder in the game, Daniels said: “Whenever we use this tactic, we will quote and report to the referee, which is completely legal. We don’t worry about the ball, but give the other party’s defensive player. “But as the Mike Zimmer, the Mike Zimmer, the Mike Zimmer, the Mike Zimmer,” “” ” The coach is equivalent to this speculative tactics, and the referee may be disturbed by the strange formation, thus making misconduct or leaking.

For the anti-discipline of raid, ask the ball to take a holiday

On April 21, Beijing, as the first time, the general manager of the team was first responsible for click through the next internet site draft, he narrowed the number of people who could get the team confidential information.

Malsh said: “They let me try to have never been done before: Defold the running guard and take over, it is not to be born, but this is my old Bank. I went to find Belike to talk, Details I will not say, but I don’t like their approach. “

Patriot Off Attack Coordinator denies deception referee

Josh McDaniels, Josh McDaniels, did not think that the Patriots were deceived in any form, and he felt that the whole thing did not have to investigate.

“There is no fun at all, don’t take care of it at all. I don’t enjoy the time at all. Do you understand what I mean?” Malsh said in an interview. “That is my life for the first time. And even want to give up. “

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The official website shows that they have 14 employees in the player assessment department, not everyone is scouting. Schwen Herock, the leader of the Association, Herock, who was emerging in Reggie Mckenzie, employed in 2012 and was fired after McKinsey was fired after being fired in McKinsea.

On the surface, this decision of the raid man management is unusual, especially if they lack the experience of draft, and this draft is very important for the team. However, before the NFL TV network, the NFL team is not surprising.

The raid people have three first-round draft privileges in this year’s draft (Chapter 4, 24th and 27th, and there are many vulnerabilities in their arrays to fill. There are rumors they are willing to use the 4th time to choose anything to do anything, including the Up Trading, trading down or pick four-point guard. The raids also have the second round of the third time, which makes them four draft privileges in the head 35.

The view of Gil Brandt, who was responsible for Dallas denim players, is more interesting. He said that although the cowboy will not clean up the team, it will embed the trap for members who do not trust. They have deliberately seeing a untrustworthy scouting to pick a player who doesn’t like it. Two days later, a team of cowboy reported that the denim would pick this player. The player, Mike Mike, Mike Junkin, was selected by Cleveland Brown to select the first round of the 1987 election. And although Brown ball is only worth two rounds, Brown coach still made a decision to pick him. In the end, Jiang Jin was just 20 games for Brown, including 7 games.The place Can You discover Free Cheap Jerseys Assets

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