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50% of the wild horses, Si Dalu, Locke, may play next week

US time Friday, the wild horseman, VIC Fangio, said that 50% of Drew Lock may play a patriot game next week. But if Rock can’t play, Brett Rypien will continue.

The original penalty is that Braddy is the center of this “ventilation” incident will need to face the 4-game ban on the alliance, and the new England Patriots will need to pay a fine of 1 million US dollars and hand over 2 drafts. The first time of next year.

“But, look, when you don’t understand someone or don’t understand what they insist, it is easy to add yourself. Unfortunately, this is the world we are! This is directly from What I said in my mouth … I will find the most suitable team and try to help the team win the championship is my main goal! I am not anxious. Let me sweep any questions or guess for me why I don’t have a hurry or guess. .. I am wholeheartedly believe that God will let me go to the place I need to go, I have to pray for what he gave, is this. “

Even if Peterson is optimistic about his future, the truth is that there may not be a suitable place for him, especially because of his price & mdash; & mdash; whether it is high or low. Viking has signed Latavius ​​Murray as his alternative last week. The Seattle Hawk signed Eddie Lacy. Auckland raids seem to be more willing to consider Marshawn Lynch (MARSHAWN LYNCH) before considering Pitters. Other teams that need to run Guard may consider the draft reunion, there is a lot of excellent running guards this year.

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The lion team defensive group generally wounded ready to return

EZEKIEL ANSAH was removed from the injury on Tuesday, and did not participate in confrontational training on Wednesday. After experiencing front shoulder surgery, the lion hopes to gradually set his state.

Jim Caldwell Coach Unresses Anosa to participate in the game on Friday with Auckland, but the coach felt that Ansus had experienced an excellent rookie season, there will be no problem this year. “He will be fine immediately, but we need patience, everything will be fine.”

But if he was just in the game in the game against Peiton Manning and Denver’s wild horse, he rushed to return and wounded the short-term injury to grow, and the lightning was left sesame. I also lost watermelon. In this morning, in the morning, in the morning, the team coach Mike Mike McCoy said the team did not urgently let Fletter returned to the competition. “If he is not ready to go, we won’t let him play,” McCoo said.

The first round of the lion team in 2013, the first round of the Sa, the new show in 14 games, contributing 8 killing, causing mistakes to fall without counting, can be described as a newcomer on the defense line. The head coach is eager to hope that he can return.

The injury is aggravating the lightning rookie hornwan may have a long time

San Diego lightning angle Wei Jesson Flett (Jason Verrett) is expected to be faster than many people. And maybe he is too fast.

Case-Karnham does not care about the impact of the two quarters

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SAM Bradford, Sam Bradford, is increasing, and the starting task is handed over to Case-Karnam. This week’s Viking of the bucket in Aaron Rodgers was hurt after receiving the situation, and 23-10 achieved victory.

According to ESPN’s reporter Edman – Xie Fort (Adam Schfter), Eval.sta-Doku.Dnb.De the Channel news from the alliance said that Tom Brady’s complaints about “pneumatic” punishment 4 games will open on Tuesday, June 23 Review. It is reported that it may last until June 25.

According to the message of Fox Sports, the team worried that Fletter may aggravate the shoulders before, they still worried that he “may lack for a long time.” This will be a bad news for the lightning of two losers after the opening of the game. . The first round show unexpectedly entered the list of players in the game, but the part of his play might lied to Brandon Flowers, due to brain shock away.

“You can’t believe you or listen to everything that people say,” Peterson said. “I am the most unfearing thing is that there is a ball in the new season … I will have a ball! This is not the recent guessment of money (reasons). You will feel these experts and I have communicated directly. When you don’t know what happened, people will make their own story! Say me to put the shelf … Say I don’t want to play with a salary of less than $ 8 million! “

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