Tips For Buying A Pinball Machine

Whether or not you’re considering buying a pinball machine for your house game room or your enterprise, there is a lot to consider. A pinball machine is a big investment, and earlier than you spend the cash, you have to be sure you’ve performed your research. That’s why we’ve created this buying guide. In it, we share 5 tips to help you make the very best decision!

1. Set A Realistic Budget

People typically wonder how much pinball machines cost. The reply varies. Purchasing a used machine can save you money. Yow will discover some used pinball machines selling for less than $2,000. However, more collectible and sought-after pinball machines can price $10,000 or more when absolutely restored.

Meanwhile, new machines are typically more expensive. They can range between $5,000 to $9,000 relying on the manufacturer and the machine. Some manufacturers will release limited edition or deluxe versions of a typical machine. These may offer additional features and are more collectible.

For those who’re shopping for a used machine, especially one on the cheaper price end, factor potential repair and restoration costs into your budget. A pinball machine for less than $1,000 may appear like a steal, but it could value one other $1,000 in repairs to get it working.

If you’re buying new, count on to spend more up-entrance, however probably save in repairs on the lengthy run. New machines require fewer repairs, come with a warranty, and are an amazing option for companies or arcades.

2. Know The place To Buy A Pinball Machine

Aside from cost, you’ll must think about which type of seller to buy your machine from. There are usually two options:

From other private collectors

From distributors


If you’re fascinated with pinball amassing, there’s a big community of fellow collectors happy that can assist you get started. There are numerous massive pinball community websites where collectors can meet and sell games.

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Other owners list machines on sites like eBay and Craigslist. You might discover a whole lot on these sites; however, most collectors advise in opposition to utilizing them as you typically don’t know who you’re buying from. You also have little assurance that the machine you are buying will arrive in the condition it’s advertised.

If you’d like to purchase from a collector, start by becoming a member of the community and meet other collectors in your area. This is a good way to get to know who you’re shopping for from. Most collectors are also more than blissful to let you test the machine before shopping for it.

Regardless, the most important downside of buying from a private owner is you don’t know precisely what you’re getting. If there are any points with the machine, you’re left to fix them yourself. This could be especially irritating if you’re a new pinball owner and this is your first machine.


Buying a pinball machine from a distributor is usually a more costly option, but it comes with several advantages:

Quality refurbishment for used machines

Warranties on both used and new games

A wider selection to choose from

Support in selecting the appropriate game on your residence or enterprise

Distributors are most often the first selection for arcades and businesses. A distributor has a wide collection of game titles available and might provide multiple machines. Additionally they provide additional technical support.

For the one that’s shopping for a pinball machine for his or her house, buying from a distributor affords quality assurance. Reputable dealers will always supply warranties, even on used machines. They also perform upkeep and restorations on the games they sell.

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In case you’re fascinated with buying a used pinball machine, M&P Amusement is a trusted arcade game distributor. Store our inventory of refurbished pinball machines!

3. Research Completely different Types of Machines

Earlier than purchasing a pinball machine, you should understand the variations between the types of games available. Both in terms of their collectability (or rarity) and in how the machines are built. This is essential in figuring out value and deciding what’s right to your game room or business.


Not all pinball machines are created equal. Older machines, like those made within the Seventies and earlier, are largely electromechanical (EM). These types of machines typically have more moving parts, like spinning wheels to keep rating and bell and chimes to make sound effects. Additionally they depend on switches in mechanical relays to control the game logic.

Newer machines use solid state (SS) electronics. They’re more like fashionable computers. These pinball machines use circuit boards to manage the gameplay. This means the scoreboard and sound effects are digital.


Typically, EM pinball machines have been limited by technology. This means they have an inclination to offer easier gameplay than newer machines which may have more and more advanced programming. Some pinball fanatics advocate EM machines for new players and collectors because they’re seen as more approachable.

Top-of-the-line places to start for somebody curious about owning a pinball machine is to check out both kinds of machines. Discover out what type you enjoy probably the most before making a large investment.

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