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Want More Money? Get Cheap Jerseys From ChinaSan Francisco 49 people solve about 3 occupational bowl security

US time Tuesday, San Francisco 49 people touched their own safety guards Antonio-Bessia (Antoine Bethea).

Basia’s past three seasons have spent the San Francisco, and he ranked the highest number of people in 110 careers last season.

John Lynch, John Lynch, said: “Bessia is a real professional player, we respect him very much, respect everything he does for this team, I thank him for the positive role of the team, Whether it is a team or a team leader, whether it is still in the field, we hope that he and his family is more successful in the future. “

Basia, wholesale jerseys 32, stayed in the Alliance 8 years in Indianapolis Pony in 2006, 3 times selected professional bowl, including his first year in 49 people, cheap jerseys next season Besi The income will reach $ 5.75 million.

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