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Bosa is the first round of spell-speaking sign in 2016, which has quickly grown into one of the top defensive end of the league. He has been selected as a career bowl, and the 51 games in the top 51 games were completed 40 times. Last season Boba completed 11.5 times, 18 times causing the number of lost codes, and the career is selected for the second time.

Bauers and Aliis have established friendship in Tiangpu University, which is also the first head coach of Aliis. In 2013, in the 20th season, Bauers worked in Aliis and served as a red scitch defensive coordinator.

Lightning and defensive end Edge Qay – Bosa has a $ 5 year of $ 135 million

US time on Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, Lightning and defensive end of Joey – Bosa renewed for 5 years, with a total contract of $ 135 billion.

New contracts in Boss and Galt may affect the market value of Yannick Ngakoue. At present, Nfl Jerseys Engovvi is seeking transactions. If there is no fruit, he will need to sign a label contract for an annual salary of 17.88 million, continue to stay in the Americas.

At the first week, Tampawan Pirates were easily defeated by Tennesi Titan, led by Marcus Mariota. However, in the game just ended on Sunday, Winston showed his calm and efficiency. In the game against the Saints of the New Orleans, he completed the 207 yards in the 207-yard contribution of the 207-yard contribution to 1 shot. Especially in the third quarter, the defensive pressure completes 54 yards.

Reynolds is a six-round show in the crow. In the US Navy College, Reynolds is a four-point guard, and the crow is ready to let him play back to attack hands and external hands, but Nakan is not good in the preseason, eventually Offset to the training ground.

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Since Aliis ended, it began to be a pirate new coach. The front jet machine church Balls will join the old colleague on the iron heart. Although there is also a rumor that Bauce will go to Chicago bear to replace Vic Fangio, the latter just became a wild horse trainer. But the rumors are soon not attacking.

Louis Murphy said: “Obviously, Winston must be a championship. He is the first in the new show. He will have a great career. He will complete great feat, I believe he can Enter the famous Hall. You won’t let the carriage pull the horse forward, and he is a horse that can pull our way, he will be more and more well. “

cheap nfl Jerseys from china Celebrity Runs Aneas Williams also came to this place where the riots were traveled, but today, he became a pastor to help Ferguson rebuild. He told reporters on Tuesday: “There are so many people here need help. For example, some innocent merchants can only look at the glass of their own shops, although the weather is very cold, but I don’t care, I am not concerned with volunteers. Because we can feel the warmth of the heart. “

The reasons for the retardation of the jet

If you want to choose a summary of the New York Jet 2014 season, the failure map of this returning tactic may be the most suitable. (When Keno Smith is copied too much, there is no need to select a photo of the copy.)

The 4559 laminated 4559 mobilized 4559 rush record of the FBS partition records and the 4559 rush record of the 4th-point guard record. He was activated on behalf of the crow, hoping to give this young game for some game experience, and let Reynolds and attacks are prepared for the next season.

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Unfortunately, Bill players understand that this tactics quickly approached Harva, and cuddling him, so this tactic became one of the most sad things in 2014, the head coach Rex Ryan (Rex This is full of full responsibility for this.

On Sunday, the newly connected external connections and backcruttites were connected to a kick in Section III, and then he should leave the end area, but He suddenly hesitated, just like it would be like it to leave the restaurant, this is unusual.

In fact, the jet is when the jet started at the beginning of the game, I want to find a spark that can motivate the team, so they let the Harva stand on one side of the end area and TJ Graham prone to the other side of the end area (perhaps) The jet thinks that their jersey color can be good with the end of the end of the grass, which is not discovered or anything.). The tactical intent is to ask Harva to take the ball to throw Glaham then complete the hit.

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