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Epper is a new show in 2016. In October 2018, due to poor performance and other reasons, it was traded to the saints, and the last season gave birth to 15 games. Complete 58 hugs, 4 times destroyed, forcing the ball.

Wester has done 2509 yards during the college, complete 41 times. He said in his current situation: “When I am school, a game is often held 25 times, I am used to picking the team on the shoulder. After entering the league, the situation has changed, but I have a confidence to overcome all difficulties. This week Brown’s opponent will be the Auckland raid in the bottom of the union. Despite the lack of the star center Alex Mack, the team still believes that running guards can provide great help on the ground.

Due to last week’s unexpected injury, the Carson Palmer and 49 people Navorro Bowman were not treated this week because of brain shock and bleck breakage. . This is a fatal blow to the offensive group and defensive group of both parties. Of course, for two 1 wins and 3 negative teams, this game is also the best time to make adjustments.

The Chicago Bear team has spent a failure season, ushered in the new head coach Matt – Naji. Before the season, the bear team also had a big news. They used a large wave of draft from the raid to the leadership of the league top outer rushing hand Karil Mark, the new season mark and Aqui M – Hicks and Leard Freud make up the league’s premier branch combination. In the course, the bear team also continued to build a lineup browse around this site the second grade Swan Mihel Trusters, and they selected talented external hands in the second round of the election, Anthony Miller; at the same time The tiger is digging Allen Robinson, and the new season will become a weapon of Turbuski destroyed. And the road attacks, Jordan Howard has become more and more mature, and Tarik Cohen also has a good play, and the bear team in this season will not be underestimated.

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Brown coach hopes that there is someone standing outThe position of Cleveland Brown is like a huge part, and the three powerful runners want to be able to share the largest. For the current team of happiness in the position of the team, the team offensive coordinator Kyle Schaunhan hopes that someone can stand out. He said in the recent interview: “If someone wants to become award, he needs to prove that it is better than others. The person who stands out will become a first, more opportunities.”

Thompson has played 29 games in the past three seasons, completed 80 hugs, 5 times destroyed passed, 3 copies. Last year, he had a space behind Earl Thomas, but because the shoulder lip joints ended the season.

At present, this-Tat and the rookie portfolio Tailus WEST and ISAIAH CROWELL have formulated the team’s stable backfinder combination. This season, their fields have advanced 133.5 yards in the ground, column of League of League. Despite the absence of injury, Tatt rushed into the competition with 69 yards. Wester 59 times, won 243 yards, Klova’s 51 games harvested 255 yards, and the results of the two proved that they also trust them in the absence of Tatt.

[Event Prevent] Regular Test 1 week Sunday Night Tournament VS BearThe 2018-2019 season NFL regular season came to the first week of attention Sunday, this week, the first game will be challenge the Green Bay packaging team by Chicago Bear. As a nervous enemy in the history of NFL, the two teams have handed nearly 200 games, and the packages took a little more advantage with 95 wins and 93 losses. In the 4 cases of the past two teams, the packaging workers won 4 consensus. The two teams will give fans for the fans in this season?

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In the first half of the first half of the first kick attack, there was a mistake, Chris Davis’s drop was picked up by Uphifi Momah, and the rickets started at the other 14 yards. attack. Originally, because of attack, there is a 4-yard shot of 4 yards, but because of the rebarhrd Robinson’s collision, Roughing to THE Kicker helped the red squat four gear conversion success. Thus the Johnson 4 yards reaches the ball, and the Palk 14-7 leads 49 people. On the other hand, the offensive group of 49 people still has no improvement. When the ball is coming to the red ramp, Johnson’s 28-yard powerful scorpion and Fitzgerald’s 38 yards are advanced (a 29-yard pass to Deta) successively, the red rickets will be different after the second half. Pulled to two reaches. 49 people seem to have changed the offensive strategy, Gibot, Hyde and Mike Davis Mike Davis Rotary Running Ball, Hyde ended this round of attack with a 1 code shock. This is his sixth shock ball in this season, and continues to have a league in this data. In the third quarter, the last 1:50 seconds did not progress.

49 people in San Francisco: Brian-Gibot 31 passed 18, 162 yards, 1 passed a ball reached, 2 copies, 7 times were killed, 10 shots, 70 yards, 1 punched ball Dance; gram Los – Hyde 22 times, 78 yards, 1 Dallang, 6th, 36 yards; Jerry Mi-Koji 8 times, 102 yards, 1 to 1 Deta.

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