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The nail ears will lose 10 points, whether it is Xiao Tengheima or Carol’s tactics, the offensive group needs to improve the ball performance. The Haiying team is currently a scorpion code 3.6, which is not too big to get the first attack. In addition, Carol said that Carlson will be responsible for the first time.

San Diego lightning is destroyed this season, and many team main members will be reimbursed in the season in the season. This also gave many opportunities for players who played a lot of players last season, and their performance is also quite good. Lightning second grade running Weavmewen Gordon finally got rid of the shadow of the rookie season, this season is currently taken with a total of seven to win the entire alliance. He has become the most reliable offensive weapon for lightning this season. Another worth pay attention is that this year’s exploration show defensive end peak Joe Yo Bosa has experienced a long contract, and Bosa finally ushered in the professional league. The first Xiu Sai Bosa played a stunning and killing 2 times, 5 times, including 3 cockroaches loss. This new show player known as the next “J. J. Wat” declared his own arrival with his perfect first show.

Wholesale Jerseys - So Easy Even Your Youngsters Can Do ItThe list of Haysman award final candidates announcedUniversity of Alabama runs Derrick Henry, Stanford University runs 卫 克 卫 克克 – – McArristian McCaffrey and Clemsen University 4-point Guide Shaion-Watun Watson Monday Named of the Hornsmanship final candidate.

This experience from the University of Clemsen has been injured many injuries many times in three seasons. In the last time, it is a list of injury reserves in the last season. Watekins has lack 11 games in the past two seasons, Http://Google-Pluft.Us and it is reported that Bill is hesitant to implement his fifth year.

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“I understand that he is not very suitable for the offensive system of Mike Martz, but we took our best to pick up our best.” Angelo explained in an interview. “Obviously he was the favorite ball of Jay Cutler. This is my fault. I understand the meaning of the coach, but you can’t let your best player leave the team. Angelo believes that Olsen is a “excellent player” in passing the ball attack and has become the favorite pass target of the 4th points of Cam Newton.

Haiying’s head coach: the shift attack is unbearable responsibility in meBeijing September 21 This year, the Haiying first is the brian schottenheimer to the offensive coordinator, and then use the first round to sign the Raudel-Penny. This series of operations have proven that they are working hard to improve the attack attack.

2016 season regular season sixth week Thursday night game wild horses @ lightningThe sixth week of the regular season will be carried out between the first end of the Melan West, challenged the lightning of the wounded soldiers this season by the top of the list.

McCaffli also broke a long-standing record. He added a total of 3496 yards this season, breaking the 27-year record of the Barry Sanders, which broke the Barry Sanders. The previous record was created in 1988.

Team center Alex Mac (Alex Mack) was sprained in the game in the game, and he still feels an ankle pain. Although Mike returned to the competition after short leaving the game, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the falcon may not participate in training this week.

The Haysman award winner in the last five years is quadruple and is selected in the NFL draft. 4 people are selected in front of the draft: Jameis Winston, Ma Meis Winston Kus Marcus Marcus, Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton.

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Falcon Center Alex – Mac this week is unable to participate in trainingBefore the second super bowl of team history, Atlantian Fematch was carefully treated with the core players of the offensive group.

The Falcon is the only one in the same set of 5 people to attack the front line, while Mike is the most important player of this sharp line. Mike is critical to the excellent performance of the Falcon offensive group. He joined the Falcon from Cleveland from Cleveland to Falcon with a 5-year contract before this season.

But two games came down, the Hawks did not taste, and the impact offensive arrangements were not balanced. The Seattle offensive group passed the ball 69 times, only 38 shots, this mushroom attempted the rankings of the League 29. Establishing Kris Carlson (Chris Carson) and Penga 33 times.

Chicago Bear before, the general manager regrets the close end of the foreverWhen the next game, Chicago Bear is challenged the Carolina Black Panther, Greg Olsen will seek to face the first victory of the old people.

Although the bears now have a professional bowl level close-end Feng Martruce-Bentellus Bennett, the frontier General Manager Jerry Angelo said this week, I said the original transaction is going to the Olsen. ” Is an error. “

Watekins should be able to see some eyebrows in the day of choice. Bill holds the 10th selection rights in the first round of the first round, they were previously selected by experts, they were likely to be the best two external hands Mac-Williams (Mike Williams) and Corey Davis. Do the choice.

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